Each of ANAs Upcoming A380s Will Wear a Different Livery (…and Some More Details)

Over a year ago, I wrote about ANA revealing Flying Honu, the special livery that one of their A380s will wear. At that time, I believed the first aircraft would wear the special livery with the other two wearing the standard ANA livery.

Each of ANAs Upcoming A380s Will Wear a Different Livery (...and Some More Details)

As such, I was disappointed when ANA announced that all three aircraft would wear the Flying Honu livery. However, that disappointment was taken care of by an announcement ANA made today. It turns out that while all three of ANA’s A380s will wear the Flying Honu livery, each of them will be in different color (in kind of an “Fuji Dream Airlines style”).

ANA Flying Honu A380s

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Meet Lani, Kai, and Ka La

As per today’s announcement, the ANA A380s will come in the following three colors:

  • Blue (original Flying Honu) – “inspired by the Hawaiian blue sky”
  • Emerald green – “inspired by the crystal clear waters of the Hawaiian ocean”
  • Orange – “inspired by the beautiful Hawaiian sunset”

What is more, in a typical Japanese fashion, each of the three liveries (or better, each of the three turtles) will have a name: “Lani” for the blue one (meaning sky in Hawaiian), “Kai” (meaning ocean in Hawaiian), and “Ka La” (meaning sunset in Hawaiian).

Currently, the plan is for the first of the three, “Lani,” to join ANA’s fleet in spring 2019.

ANA A380 Characters

Configuration of ANA’s Airbus A380s

Besides providing details about the liveries of the three aircraft, ANA also revealed the configuration that passengers will be able to find onboard the aircraft. The aircraft will feature four classes (economy, premium economy, business, and first) for a total of 520 seats.

The whole lower deck of the aircraft will be taken up by 383 economy class seats. And, 60 of those in the very rear part of the aircraft will be couch seats similar to Air New Zealand’s Skycouch.

ANA A380 Main Deck Seatmap

The upper deck will feature 8 first class suites, 56 staggered business class seats, and 73 premium economy seats.

ANA Upper Deck Seatmap

Interestingly, once the A380 starts operating between Tokyo and Honolulu, it will be the first time for ANA to offer first class on the route.

ANA A380 First Class

The interior of the aircraft will also feature some Hawaii-inspired designs such as a wall with a blue sky print on it. None of those features, though, are particularly worth mentioning.

ANA A380 Hawaii Theme

Overall, it is great to see that ANA has gone beyond just having one “Flying Honu” livery, instead painting each of the aircraft in a different color. As for the configuration, I am looking forward to seeing the new aircraft’s cabin, and hopefully trying the aircraft out on its inaugural flight!

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