About KN Aviation

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my name is Keishi Nukina, and I am the guy behind KN Aviation.

On KN Aviation, I regularly publish articles related to aviation, especially airliners, ranging from airline and lounge reviews all the way to aviation news.

My Story

I love airliners and, more generally, everything aviation related. Currently, I am based in Japan and most of my aviation activities happen, start or end here. But, my love for aviation started long before I moved here…

…it started when I was one or two years old.

Being born in Slovakia and having grandparents in Japan meant flying there for a visit every summer. Each and every year, I would look forward to that trip more and more. Of course I was looking forward to seeing my grandparents, but I was also looking forward to flying on an airplane!

As I got older, I would start researching the airlines and types of aircraft I would fly on, and that led me to many aviation websites including Airliners.net.

For my 15th birthday, it was very clear what I wanted as a gift – a camera. Shortly after that, I took my first ever spotting trip, to Zurich, and the rest is history…

Over my twelve-year aviation enthusiast “career” I went through a variety of aviation-related hobbies – from noting down registrations, through taking photos and videos, all the way to collecting memorabilia.

Finally, in 2015 I started this website.

Since then, I had the chance not only to write and publish articles here but also to contribute to a variety of aviation magazines including AIRLINE in Japan and Airliner World in the United Kingdom.

Through this hobby, I was able not only to visit various airports all over the world but also to meet a lot of great people that I would not have met otherwise.

Here, I would like to take the opportunity to thank all the people that have helped me with taking pictures, that have drove me around the airports, that have let me stay at their homes and that have spent time at airports and in aircraft with me.

Without you, the hobby wouldn’t be nearly as much fun!

Also, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions or if you think there is any way I can help you in pursuing your aviation endeavours.

Thank you very much for visiting KN Aviation. I hope you enjoy it!

Contributing to KN Aviation

While initially, I was the sole writer on this site, since 2017, I have also been accepting contributions by other writers. If you have an article – whether a review or a feature about an interesting aspect of aviation – that you would like to contribute, get in touch with me so that we can discuss the details.