Review: Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Changi Airport

Review: Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Changi Airport

Contributed by Hirofumi Suda
Contributed by Hirofumi Suda
Hirofumi is an aviation enthusiast based in Zama, Japan. He fell in love with commercial aviation when he was eight, and ever since then has flown on more than 600 flights with more than 70 airlines. If you happen to read Japanese, also make sure to check his personal blog here.

When making my way from Mumbai to Hong Kong, I had about 14 hours – from 8PM to 10AM – of transit time.

Originally, I was thinking of booking a hotel in the city, but given the relatively high prices and the hassle of leaving the airport for such a short overnight transit, I decided to stay at Aerotel Transit Hotel which is located airside in terminal 1 of Changi airport.

I booked the hotel directly on Aerotel’s website where I was able to get a six-hour stay in a single room with shared bathrooms for 55 SGD (about 40 USD). It was possible to book the room in 30-minute increments and to extend the stay for 25 SGD per hour.

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Getting to the Hotel

Aerotel Transit Hotel can be found near gate D41 of Singapore Changi airport terminal 1. Since terminals 1, 2, and 3 are connected to each other airside, the hotel is easily accessible from any of the three terminals’ gates.

If you happen to arrive at one of the gates distant from D41, you can utilize an automated train that connects the three terminals.

The hotel is located one floor above the main departures level and is accessible by an escalator near the aforementioned gate.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1 Airside
Terminal 1 airside.

Check-in, Lobby, Dining, and Other Facilities

Check-in was quick and smooth. The duration of stay was counted from the time the check-in was finished, and so, in case you arrive late because of a delay, you can stay for the originally booked duration – assuming they have space available, of course.

Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Reception

The hotel features a gym and an outdoor swimming pool, however, I didn’t check them. While the dining options at the hotel are very limited, there are many reasonably priced places where one can grab a bite inside the terminal.

I’ll talk about the room itself in the next section. One unfortunate thing about the hotel that I want to mention here is the wi-fi connection, though. The only option that was available was Changi airport’s public free wi-fi – which would not be a problem in itself.

However, the fact that one needs to obtain a code from a machine located next to an information desk at the bottom of the escalator leading to the hotel was bothersome. Especially so, since each code is only valid for three hours.

The only way to avoid the hassle of having to go back-and-forth between the hotel and the information desk was to install the Changi airport app which allows for unlimited connection to the wi-fi.

Guest Room

My “Solo” room, number 55, was conveniently located near the front desk. At the end of the corridor with the rooms, there were four bathrooms.

Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Rooms

The room was small and simple. Inside the room, there were a single bed, a work desk with a chair, a TV, a telephone, as well as a variety of amenities including slippers, a bottle of water, and a tea and coffee set.

The bed was soft and very comfortable, and the walls were thick enough to prevent most potential issues with noise. The only slight annoyance was that I could hear neighbors’ doors closing as they came in and out of their rooms.

Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Guest Room
Guest room.
Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Drinks
Water, tea, and coffee.

Even though the bathrooms were shared, they were kept clean and included a toilet, a sink, and a shower. A towel, a dental kit, a shower cap, and a vanity kit were provided in the room.

Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Bathroom
Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Shower

Aerotel Transit Hotel Singapore Summary

Overall, I found the transit hotel to be a good deal since accommodation in the city can be fairly expensive and is nowhere near as convenient as the Aerotel Transit Hotel in case you just need a place to stay during a short transit.

Because of that, the hotel is quite popular and oftentimes sold out (at the time of my stay, I saw people without reservation being turned away) – so I recommend booking it in advance.

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