Review: All Star Lounge at Moscow Sheremtyevo Airport

Review: All Star Lounge at Moscow Sheremtyevo Airport

While there are is no “Aeroflot Lounge” at the airline’s hub, Moscow Sheremetyevo airport, there are several lounges throughout the airport that business class passengers and status holders flying with Aeroflot can access.

I had a chance to visit one of those – the All Star Lounge located in terminal F – between arriving from Tokyo and taking a flight to Vienna.

Read this review to see where the lounge can be found, who can access it, and what it’s like inside.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

As mentioned above, the All Star Lounge can be found in terminal F of Moscow Sheremetyevo airport. More precisely, it’s located on the third floor – one floor above the main departures level – and the stairs leading to it can be found near gate 52.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Aeroflot All Star Lounge

The lounge is open 24/7 can be accessed by passengers traveling with Aeroflot in business class, as well as by Sky Team Elite Plus members traveling on Aeroflot flights and Priority Pass members traveling on all flights.

It’s also available for a fee of 3,500 RUB (about 50 USD) to anyone with a valid boarding pass. As you’ll see below, it’s certainly not worth the price, though.

Lounge Tour

Along the wall past the reception, on the right side of the lounge, there was a couple of coffee tables with black leather sofas. Above those, a big advertisement was hanging – not exactly classy.

Across from those, on the left side of the lounge, there was a handful of boxes for larger groups of travelers – each with a pair of red sofas, a large coffee table, and a TV.

There were also a meeting room, a relax room, and a kids room, but I didn’t have a chance to peek into any of those.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Aeroflot All Star Lounge Seating
All Star Lounge Sheremetyevo Seating
Seating just past the entrance.

Further down, there was a bar with mostly paid items on the left side.

On the right side, there were a refrigerator with caviar for sale, the restrooms, and a rack with some (mostly russian) reading materials.

Since I visited the lounge just a couple of days before Christmas, there was also a Christmas tree.

Moscow Sheremetyevo Aeroflot All Star Lounge Bar
Christmas Tree at Moscow All Star Airport Lounge
Christmas tree.
Caviar for sale.

At the very end of the All Star Lounge, there were some more boxes with sofas – this time separated from each other with fishtanks – and there was a dining area with both regular and high-top tables.

Along the left wall, there was the buffet spread. Pictures of various music stars including The Beatles were hanging on the wall above the buffet counter, explaining the lounge’s name.

Fish Tanks in Aeroflot's Moscow Sheremetyevo All Star Lounge
Seating areas separated with fish tanks.
All Star Lounge Moscow Sheremetyevo Dining Area
Dining area.
All Star Lounge Sheremetyevo Seating
Seating at the very back of the lounge.
Moscow Sheremetyevo Aeroflot All Star Lounge Buffet
Buffet spread.

Food and Drinks

The food and drinks selection in the lounge was fairly limited.

On the bar counter, there were juices (apple, orange, tomato) and water, as well as some fresh fruits. There was also wine which I believe was free. There was no liquor available for free – instead, it was available for purchase at the bar together with some “premium” beers.

Bar Menu
Bar menu.
Drinks at Moscow Sheremetyevo All Star Lounge
Drinks for sale.
Juices at Moscow Sheremetyevo All Star Lounge
Wine at All Star Lounge Moscow Sheremetyevo
Water, fruits, and wine.

There were also several coffee machines, and a selection of “Niktea” tea.

Finally, there was a fridge with canned soda, as well as (free) bottled and canned beer.

Coffee and Tea at All Star Lounge Moscow Sheremetyevo
Soft Drinks and Beer
Soft drinks and beer.

As for food, there were snacks such as nuts and potato chips. And, there was a selection of bread and pastries.

Snacks in Aeroflot All Star Lounge at Moscow Sheremetyevo
Potato Chips
Potato chips.
Apple Pie
Apple pies.

Besides the above, there were also some cold cuts and salads, as well as sandwiches, crepes, and yogurts.

Even though I visited the lounge during dinner hours, there were not hot meals other than a soup.

Finally, there was a variety of cakes – the two kinds that I tried (especially the yellow one) were quite good.

Food at All Star Lounge Moscow Sheremetyevo
Cold cuts.
Atlantic Herring
Atlantic herring.
Soup in All Star Lounge Moscow Sheremetyevo
Lentil soup.
Food at All Star Lounge Moscow Sheremetyevo
Sandwiches, crepes, and yogurts.
Cakes at All Star Lounge Moscow Sheremetyevo

All Star Lounge Moscow Sheremetyevo Summary

While the lounge was nothing to write home about, it still provided a welcome refuge from the crowded terminal.

That said, the layout was a bit unfortunate as even though the lounge was half-empty, most of the people were gathered in the dining area which was “friendlier” to smaller groups of travelers than the boxes with sofas.

In fact, many of those boxes had only one or two person utilizing them – even though they were designed for four to six people.

As such, I certainly would not aim to have a long transfer at Sheremetyevo airport just to enjoy this lounge (or – I guess even though I didn’t visit them – any of the other ones for that matter) and instead would only use this lounge if I had happened to have some time to kill at the airport.

Even then, if I was hungry, I’d rather pay and eat at one of the airport’s restaurants.

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