Amakusa Airlines’ Special “Just Flying” Avgeek Fare: Ten Flights in One Day for Less Than 100 Dollars

Amakusa Airlines is a little-known Japanese regional airline with a fleet of a single ATR 42-600 nicknamed Mizoka. The airline is known to offer special flights and fares for aviation enthusiasts every now and then, and a couple of days ago it released one of such fares.

Amakusa Airlines' Special "Just Flying" Avgeek Fare: Ten Flights in One Day for Less Than 100 Dollars

The fare, aptly named Just Flying / Flying All Day, lets avgeeks fly on each and every single one of the airline’s ten flights in a single day for just 10,000 yen (about 90 dollars). Just to give you an idea of how much flying that involves and at what pace, below is Amakusa Airline’s schedule:

  1. (AMX101) 07:55AM – 08:35AM Amakusa – Fukuoka
  2. (AMX102) 09:10AM – 09:45AM Fukuoka – Amakusa
  3. (AMX201) 10:10AM – 10:30AM Amakusa – Kumamoto
  4. (AMX801) 10:55AM – 12:10PM Kumamoto – Osaka
  5. (AMX802) 12:50PM – 02:20PM Osaka – Kumamoto
  6. (AMX202) 02:45PM – 03:10PM Kumamoto – Amakusa
  7. (AMX105) 03:40PM – 04:20PM Amakusa – Fukuoka
  8. (AMX106) 04:55PM – 05:30PM Fukuoka – Amakusa
  9. (AMX107) 05:55PM – 06:35PM Amakusa – Fukuoka
  10. (AMX108) 07:10PM – 07:45PM Fukuoka – Amakusa

In short, with the ticket, you can fly on 10 flights, taking off at 7:55AM in the morning from Amakusa and arriving back in Amakusa at 7:45PM. In other words, you get 435 minutes of flight (block) time and 275 minutes of time on the ground “transferring” between the flights.

Amakusa Airlines ATR 42-600 Cabin

The fare is available for flights taken between January 19, 2018, and March 11, 2018, and has to be booked over the phone. Four seats are available per flight.

Also, for people that don’t want to fly on all of the flights, 8 and 6 segment versions of the tickets are available for the same 10,000 yen. The condition, though, is that the flying has to start with the first flight of the day and consecutive flights must be taken.

Amakusa Airlines ATR 42-600 at Amakusa Airfield

So far, I flew with the airline twice – in 2015 onboard their now-retired Dash 8-100 from Kumamoto to Osaka and in 2016 on their ATR from Kumamoto to Amakusa. Given that I enjoyed the flights and also given the unique nature of this fare, I hope to take it either in late January or early March.

If I do so, you can certainly expect a report about what it’s like to fly all day in the same plane!

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