ANA Cargo to Acquire 2 Freighters Larger Than Its Current Boeing 767Fs Before the End of FY2022

Earlier today, Nikkei reported that ANA will acquire freighters larger than its current Boeing 767Fs by the end of FY2022.

ANA Cargo to Acquire 2 Freighters Larger Than Its Current Boeing 767-300Fs Before the End of FY2022

Reportedly, the aircraft, of which ANA will get two, will offer roughly double the capacity of the 767. That has sparked some discussion on social media and forums about what the type would actually be – with some people hoping the airline will acquire 747-8Fs. Others – including me – however, think it will be the 777F.

Looking at the facts, at this point, it can be either of them. According to Boeing, the maximum payload and freight volume of the company’s widebody freighters are as follows:

  • Boeing 767F: 52,480 kg and 438.1 m³
  • Boeing 777F: 102,010 kg and 652.7 m³
  • Boeing 747-8F: 137,700 kg and 843.7 m³

As you can see above, while the 777F offers roughly double the capacity as compared to the 767F in terms of the weight of the cargo it can carry, the 747-8F offers double the volume.

The one thing that points the balance towards the 777F is the fact that already has a large fleet of passenger 777s which would make it easier from an operational standpoint.

However, to find out which type it will be with certainty, we will have to wait.

ANA Boeing 777-200

While ANA uses its current fleet of twelve Boeing 767Fs on domestic and intra-Asian routes, it plans to use the new aircraft between Japan and the United States so that it can offer transportation of goods from a variety of Asian markets to the US.

ANA Cargo Boeing 767


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