ANA Unveils Details of New Honolulu Lounge That It Plans to Open in Spring 2019

A couple of months ago, I wrote about the details of the three A380s that ANA has on order. Besides the aircraft’s seats featuring some minor enhancements compared to ANA’s existing aircraft, the most interesting part about the A380s is that each of the three will be in a different livery and that the aircraft will be used exclusively on the Tokyo – Honolulu route.

ANA A380s

Today, ANA revealed details about a new lounge it will open at Honolulu airport in conjunction with the introduction of the A380s into service.

ANA Unveils Details of New Honolulu Lounge That It Plans to Open in Spring 2019

The Upcoming ANA LOUNGE in Honolulu

Currently, ANA doesn’t operate a lounge at Honolulu airport and its passengers are directed to use United Club instead. Once the airline opens the new lounge in the spring of 2019, though, it is planned to become the largest lounge at Honolulu airport.

The new lounge will consist of “ANA LOUNGE” accessible to business class passengers as well as Star Alliance Gold members traveling on the alliance’s flights, and of “ANA SUITE LOUNGE” accessible to first class passengers and ANA Mileage Club Diamond members.

While it is hard to say what the lounge itself will be like – although according to the press release, it will reflect “a fusion of Japanese and Hawaiian essences” and feature a family area since the destination is a popular vacation spot – there is one thing that makes the lounge stand out.

ANA Lounge Honolulu Family Area

And that is the fact that the lounge will offer direct access into the aircraft without the passengers having to go back into the terminal and walk over to their gate.

ANA Lounge Honolulu Map

ANA Honolulu Lounge Direct Aircraft Access

It’s great seeing ANA invest in a new lounge at what is one of the most popular (holiday) destinations for the Japanese. However, regardless of that, I still cannot believe the situation that ANA got itself into to save Skymark.

I am really curious how having a fleet of just three A380s operating to a single destination (and having Honolulu airport turned into an A380-capable airport just for ANA) will play out for both the airline and the airport over the coming years.

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