Austrian Welcomes Last Embraer ERJ-195, Only Four Fokker 100s Left in Fleet

As some of you might know, growing up in Slovakia, Vienna (besides Bratislava) was the closest airport to my home. As such, Fokkers in Austrian (or previously Austrian Arrows, or even Tyrolean Airways) livery were a common sight for me.

Unfortunately, though, since January 2016, Austrian Airlines has been replacing its fleet of Fokker 70s and 100s with Embraer ERJ-195s. The last of the Embraers joined Austrian’s fleet recently, and operated its first flight – from Vienna to Zagreb – on August 5, 2017.

Austrian Welcomes Last Embraer ERJ-195, Only Four Fokker 100s Left in Fleet

The completion of Austrian’s relatively new Embraer ERJ-195 fleet marked the beginning of the final months of Austrian’s Fokkers.

Replacing Austrian Fokkers with Embraers

The replacement process begun in November 2015 when Austrian Airlines announced a deal in which all of the Fokkers in its fleet (fifteen F100s and six F70s) would be sold to Alliance Aviation in Australia. At the same time, Austrian announced that it would start replacing those with Embraer ERJ-195s.

Alliance Air Fokker 100

The first Fokker left Austrian’s fleet by the end of 2015. And, as mentioned above, the first Embraer – OE-LWA – was delivered to the airline in January 2016. Since then, Austrian’s fleet of the type has grown to include 17 airframes – all originally operated by Lufthansa CityLine.

When it comes to Austrian’s Fokker fleet, the last Fokker 70 – OE-LFQ – operated its final passenger flight on July 30, 2017.

Austrian Fokker 70

The airline still operates four of the bigger Fokker 100 on routes out of Vienna to its European destinations including Lyon, Minsk, and Innsbruck. However, it plans to retire those by the end of this year as well.

Austrian Fokker 100

Personally, even though I don’t think I will have the chance to fly on Austrian’s Fokkers again, I am lucky enough to have flown on them three times in the past. Twice on the Fokker 100 (between Vienna and Budapest, and Dusseldorf and Vienna) and once on the Fokker 70 (between Vienna and Budapest).

As for Austrian’s Embraer, I didn’t fly on that one yet, but given that the fleet was just completed and they have many years in operation ahead of them, there is no need to rush!

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