5 Best Luggage Carts for Traveling with Boxes and Multiple Pieces of Luggage

When you are traveling for business or going on a vacation, chances are that you will be carrying a suitcase, a duffel bag, or similar with you. However, in some cases – when traveling to visit family members living overseas – you might have to carry a cardboard box or other “non-standard” piece of luggage.

If that’s the case with you, you might benefit from getting a foldable luggage cart such as the Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart that will let you lug around the piece of luggage easily. In fact, luggage cart might also be beneficial if you are traveling with multiple bags and want to have them all combined into one easily portable piece.

Continue reading to learn what some of the best luggage carts (especially foldable ones for air travel) are and how to choose the right one for you.

5 Best Luggage Carts for Traveling with Boxes and Multiple Pieces of Luggage


5 Best Luggage Carts

In the list below, I look at five luggage carts that I think are some of the best ones you can get if you are looking for one. All of them are foldable, however, they vary in other aspects including the capacity they are able to carry, their size, and their design.

While they are in no particular order for the most part, if you are looking for a general foldable luggage cart to use on your travels, the number one on the list is certainly my favorite.

Anyways, let’s jump in and take a closer look at each of the five!


1. Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart

To start off the list, let’s talk about the Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart – my favorite one in this list. Coincidentally, it’s also the only one in this list that is made by a major luggage manufacturer.

This cart measures just 19 x 11 x 3 inches when folded and weighs just 2.8 pounds – as such, you can easily carry it on a flight or store it in a bag or a suitcase.

It’s equipped with fairly large wheels that make it easy to lug around even on imperfect surfaces, and its handle extends to a height of 37.4 inches. The cart’s two straps extend to as much as double their length, allowing you to attach even some larger items to the cart.

The two downsides of this cart are its fairly small and low base which makes it difficult to attach oversized items or things without a fixed shape like backpacks to it (you can still easily attach it if it’s sitting on top of a box or a suitcase) and its relatively low maximum capacity of 70 pounds (32 kilograms). That said, there seem to be some users that carried significantly more than without any issues.

Overall, unless you are planning to carry a heavy load or would prefer to get one of the non-branded carts and save a bit of money, I would go with this one.

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2. BlueJan Luggage Cart

Aside from some details, the BlueJan Luggage Cart is quite similar to the Samsonite one above. It’s of similar design, its handle extends to about the same height, and it’s suited for similar uses due to its fairly limited load capacity.

The BlueJan Luggage Cart is a bit larger than the Samsonite one when folded, however, it also has – at 77 pounds – a slightly higher capacity. It weights about the same, a bit less than 3 pounds.

One of the things that sets the BlueJan apart from the Samsonite foldable cart – aside from the “cosmetic” fact that its handle is black instead of silver and its wheels are blue instead of black –  is that it only has one bar going across the two handle bars instead of two. As such it offers a bit less flexibility in terms of securing the strap hooks, however, in the vast majority of cases, it should not cause any issues.

Overall, this luggage cart is a good choice if you are looking for something to help you carry a duffel bag or some not-too-heavy boxes. In that case, it will depend on your (mostly design) preferences whether you should get the Samsonite one or this one.

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3. Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

If you are looking for a luggage cart that can handle a heavier load than the above two, the Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck is a good product to start your search with.

It can handle a load of up to 150 pounds (68 kilograms), and its 15-inch wide platform is ideal for carrying items that are fairly bulky (many users reported it being perfect for traveling with a car seat). Its handle extends to a height of 39 inches.

This cart features large 5-inch wheels, however, because of its clever design where the wheels fold when the cart is folded, it only measures 15 x 25 x 2 inches when folded. That said, at 7 pounds, it’s fairly heavy – and you certainly want to check it in rather than carry it on. That’s the price you have to pay for it being sturdy enough to handle a load heavier than some of the other products on this list, though.

Overall, while in most cases, the lighter and more compact luggage carts mentioned above will be more than enough, you might want to consider getting this one if you are looking to transport bulkier pieces of luggage.

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4. DY Reier Compact Luggage Cart

The DY Reier Compact Luggage Cart is unique because unlike the other four products in this list, its base is equipped with four wheels – two large ones on the back like the other ones and two additional – small ones – on the front.

In spite of this more complicated construction, the cart weighs about 2.8 pounds which is comparable with the first two carts in this list. At 9.1 x 17.1 x 3.2 inches when folded, it’s also quite compact.

The cart’s platform is about 9 x 9 inches, and its handle can be secured in three positions depending on how you want to use the cart, making it 17.5 inches, 28 inches, or 38 inches high.

Overall, this is a decent foldable luggage cart to get. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the two small wheels in front are only meant to balance the cart when standing still. As such, this cannot be used as a push cart for moving things around on all four wheels.

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5. Kole Imports Portable Folding Luggage Cart

Let’s end the list with the Kole Imports Portable Folding Luggage Cart – an entry-level luggage cart that’s worth considering if you are only planning to use it once (during a move, etc.) or don’t need to use it that often, and are looking for one that’s budget-friendly.

Weighing a bit more than 3 pounds and measuring 21 x 12 x 6 inches when folded (although the 6 inches is only where the wheels are with the rest being thinner), it’s not the most compact one on this list. While the product has no specified maximum capacity, based on some of its users’ feedback, I wouldn’t load more than 60 or 70 pounds on it.

Another one of its drawbacks is that its handle only extends to a height of 35 inches which might be a bit short for taller people.

Overall, though, if your main concern is price – and if you buy it with the intention to only use it occasionally – it’s a decent choice. Otherwise, I would pick one of the first four instead.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Luggage Cart

Now that we looked at some of the foldable luggage carts that are worth checking out, let’s take a look at the three main things you need to consider when choosing the right one for you.

Weight and size: You might have to be careful about the cart’s weight if you are planning to carry it on. If you are planning to check it in, you shouldn’t have to worry about it that much. And, while most of the luggage carts meant for travel are small enough to be carried on, as long as the cart meets your other requirements (which I talk about further down), I would just go with the most compact one.

Capacity: While many of the carts will not break even if you put things heavier than their official capacity is, whenever possible, you should try to keep the luggage within that weight. As such, if you are planning to carry relatively heavy items (over 70 pounds) on the cart, make sure to check its capacity before you buy it. Also, once you get a cart, you might want to consider getting a luggage scale to avoid breaking it (and to avoid overweight luggage fees).

Design: Most of the luggage carts are fairly similar in terms of design, however, there are still some differences among each of them that are worth considering. Things such as how easily the cart can be folded or how large its base is and how high off the ground it is, and how much its handle extends are just few of the things you should keep in mind when reading product specifications and reviews.



Luggage carts can be useful in many situations – whether during travels or in your general day-to-day life. On the road, they’re helpful when you need to carry duffel bags, cardboard boxes, car seats, and other items that don’t have integrated wheels. And, they’re also useful if you’re traveling with multiple pieces of luggage as they let you essentially turn them into one piece of luggage.

There are quite a few models on the market – many of them quite similar to each other. As such, it will mostly depend on your preferences which one you go with. The one main thing to consider when choosing one is a luggage carts capacity.

Generally, I think the best foldable luggage cart you can currently get is the Samsonite Luggage Compact Folding Cart. However, if you plan to carry more than 70 or 80 pounds of luggage on yours, you might consider getting the heavy-duty Magna Cart Personal Aluminum Folding Hand Truck instead.

And, if you are traveling with multiple suitcases or other standard pieces of luggage, you might also want to consider getting a luggage attachment strap (such as this one) or a bag bungee (such as this one) instead of a luggage cart.


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