7 Best Neck Wallets for Travel and Their Advantages & Disadvantages

So you are about to embark on a journey of your lifetime, but are not sure how to keep your passport, money, and other valuables easily accessible when necessary and at the same time safe from loss and pick pockets?

If that’s the case, then getting a neck wallet such as the YOMO Classic Neck Travel Wallet is one the options.

In this article, I’ll look at what some of the best neck wallets that you can get for your travels are, as well as at what the advantages and disadvantages of using neck wallets are.


7 Best Neck Wallets for Travel

Now, let’s take a look at some of the neck wallets that are worth taking a look at if you are in search of one.


1. YOMO Classic Neck Travel Wallet

The first wallet I will mention in this list is the YOMO Classic Neck Travel Wallet – and while the list is in no particular order, this one certainly is one of my most favorite ones out of the nine. While the one pictured here is in “basic blue” color, there are several variations of the wallet including red, brown, black, and even a “vegan leather” one.

One thing that differentiates YOMO wallets from many of the others in the market is the material they’re made out of. (Aside from the vegan leather one) the wallets are made out of waterproof canvas which – at least in my opinion – looks nicer than the more synthetic-looking materials of the other models.

As for its storage capabilities, the wallet is equipped with five pockets for your valuables – each of which offers RFID-theft protection. And, its backside is lined with a soft fabric to prevent itching if you decide to wear it under your shirt.

The one drawback of the YOMO Classic Neck Travel Wallet is that its passport pocket only fits one passport comfortably. As such, if you travel with your family, they will either have to get their own wallets or you will have to store their passports in the slightly less easily accessible main pocket.

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2. Pacsafe Coversafe V75 RFID Blocking Neck Pouch

The Pacsafe Coversafe V75 RFID Blocking Neck Pouch is about as simple as a neck wallet can get. That does not mean that it’s not worth taking a look at, though. Especially so, if you don’t like having your things organized in multiple pockets.

This wallet is equipped with just one large zippered RFID-protected compartment that will fit your passport, credit cards, cash, and so on. For the family travelers out there, the good thing about this pouch is the fact that it will easily fit more than just one passport.

The Pacsafe neck pouch is made out of water-resistant nylon and comes in two colors – the pictured black as well as neutral grey. There is also a red version which seems to currently be out of stock (or unavailable) though.

Thanks to the way its designed, it can be comfortably worn around neck just like all the other ones in this list, but it can also be worn across shoulder.

The one drawback (and for some advantage) of the Pacsafe neck pouch is the fact that it only has one pocket – and so, if you prefer to organize your valuables across multiple pockets, you are out of luck with this one.

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3. Zero Grid Neck Wallet

The Zero Grid Neck Wallet is another one of my favorites together with the first product on this list. It’s available in four colors including the pictured shadow grey, ash, desert sand, and midnight (black). Besides being equipped with the neck strap it also has a belt loop on the back.

Being made out of 210D ripstop nylon, this wallet is water-resistant and fairly lightweight. To be as comfortable as possible when hidden under your shirt, it is lined with a moisture-absorbing soft material on the backside.

In terms of storage, it is equipped with three zippered pockets – two smaller ones and a large one. As such, you should be able to store everything that might need the protection of a neck wallet in it easily. You also don’t have to worry about RFID-theft as the pockets are protected – and as the wallet comes with seven RFID-blocking sleeves as a bonus.

On the downside, some customers reported issues with the product quality. Those issues were few and far between, they were contacted by Zero Grid’s customer service within very short time, and they got a replacement wallet, though. And so, in fact, the good customer service seems to be one of the reasons to get the Zero Grid Neck Wallet as well.

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4. Arca Travel Gear Neck Wallet

The Arca Travel Gear Neck Wallet is great if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive and simple option. Unlike some of the other wallets in this list, this one is only available in black color.

While the wallet has one large zippered pocket, its other two pockets are without a zipper. For some, that might be a disadvantage. On the other hand, though, it makes it much easier to access your passport or cellphone or whatever you decide to put in the pocket without zippers pockets.

Plus, whatever is in the wallet is protected from falling out once you fold the cover over and close the whole wallet. At that point, your credit cards and passport will be protected from RFID-theft as well.

In terms of wearing, the Arca Travel Gear Neck Wallet comes with an adjustable neck strap, as well as belt hangs. And, it is lined with a soft material on its back to be comfortable.

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5. Art of Travel Passport Neck Wallet

The Art of Travel Passport Neck Wallet is not only beautiful, but it also supports a good cause since a dollar of each purchase is donated to Lighthouse Relief – a non-profit organization supporting refugees in Greece.

While the one pictured here features a bird design by Budi Kwan, an Indonesian artist, before you get it, also make sure to check the other, equally nice, designs. In total, there are seven designs, and I am sure you will find your favorite among them.

When it comes to its practicality, the Art of Travel neck wallet offers three pockets without a zipper, as well as two zippered pockets – one on the back and one on the side. One of the unzippered pockets is clear and is designed to fit your smartphone and to allow you to control it without having to take it out.

The wallet is made out of water-resistant nylon, and can be worn either on top of your clothing – or when maximum protection is necessary, under your shirt as well.

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6. Amzbag Neck Wallet

While not as “flashy” as the one above, the Amzbag Neck Wallet is another neck wallet ideal for someone looking for something more than a single color. Besides the pictured wavy design, there is also a nice looking version with flowers on a black background. And, in case you like everything about it other than the design, there are also more traditional grey and black single-color variations.

Even though the wallet is inexpensive, it’s made out of durable Oxford cloth and is RFID-protected – so you can stow your passport and credit cards in it with a peace of mind.

It’s equipped with five pockets including one for your passport, one for your credit cards, one for your smartphone, one for your money, and one easily accessible one for a public transportation card.

The one downside of this wallet is its thin string which can be uncomfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. Other than that, it’s a very affordable neck wallet offering just the right amount of storage.

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7. VENTURE 4TH Travel Wallet

To close off the list, here’s VENTURE 4TH Travel Wallet – another simple and inexpensive option. While the pictured green one is my favorite, there are three other color variants of it as well – black, navy blue, and red.

Rather than having a foldable front and pockets hidden under it, this wallet is equipped with three easily accessible and zippered pockets. While the main one is large enough to fit a passport or two, the other two are smaller and so are ideal for storing your credit cards, cash, or smartphone.

The wallet features a comfortable, wide neck strap, and it is protected against RFID-theft. Its lightweight material and backside lined with moisture-wicking mesh makes it ideal for the times you need to wear it for prolonged periods of time.

While the wallet itself seems to be sturdy, it seems like the plastic mechanisms of its strap break every now and then forcing its users to tie a know on the strap instead. Other than that, though, it’s an excellent choice for its very affordable price.

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Neck Wallets

So you checked out all of the neck wallets above but are still not sure whether it’s something you would find useful on your travels? In that case keep on reading as I’ll take a look at some of the advantages – as well as disadvantages -of using them.

First, let’s start with the advantages:

  • Easy access to your valuables – Whether it is your passport or credit card, it is much easier to access it when you know where it’s stowed away and when it’s not buried in a traditional wallet somewhere at the bottom of your backpack. Or worse, in your pocket which brings me to the second and third point…
  • Protection of your valuables from loss – If you tend to carry your wallet, passport, and boarding passes in your pocket, it’s easy to lose them, to forget them in the tray at security check or to wrinkle or damage them. With a little pouch hanging off your neck, you will not have to worry about that.
  • Protection of your valuables from pickpockets – While I wish travel was completely safe, the truth is that oftentimes travelers are the best targets for pickpockets. As such, rather than having your wallet in your pocket, it is better to have your cash, cards, and so on in the neck wallet physically attached to you by its strap.

7 Best Neck Wallets for Travel and Their Advantages & Disadvantages

And finally, let’s look at the disadvantages of neck wallets:

  • Can get uncomfortable – Depending on how much things you put in your neck wallet and how good its strap is, wearing it for a prolonged period of time can get quite uncomfortable. Especially if you use it for full day city tours and so on.
  • Strap is visible – When you think of the neck wallet as a tool for protecting your valuables, its weakest point is the strap. Even if you hide the wallet itself, the strap will still likely be visible and so might be spotted by skilled pickpockets, making you a target.
  • Makes you look like a tourist – Similar to the above, but this only applies if you don’t wear it under your clothes. In which case, it both makes you stand out and also makes you vulnerable to pickpockets just cutting off the strap and running away with the pouch. As such, unless in a safe area like airport, always wear the wallet under your clothes.



If you are the kind of person that spends a lot of time searching for your wallet in your backpack or if you tend to put your passport in your pant’s pocket, then you might want to consider getting a neck wallet or one of its alternatives such as a small messenger bag or a money belt.

In case you decide to go for a neck wallet – which is offers one of the best compromises between convenience and security – I recommend you look at one of the seven products mentioned above.

I would especially start by looking at the YOMO Classic Neck Travel Wallet and the Zero Grid Neck Wallet.

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