What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?

What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?

Now that I have visited all three Priority Pass lounges at Narita airport’s terminal, I decided to write a summary comparing the options.

In this article, I go through what lounges are available to you, and what is the best Priority Pass lounge at Tokyo Narita. I will even look at whether or not any of the lounges is even worth a visit.

Priority Pass Lounges at Tokyo Narita Airport

There are five Priority Pass lounges at Narita airport. Three are in Terminal 1 and two in Terminal 2. However, the two lounges in Terminal 2 are the same “brand” as two of the Terminal 1 ones.

T.E.I. Lounge

T.E.I. Lounge.

IASS Executive Lounge

IASS Executive Lounge.
KAL Lounge

KAL Lounge.

T.E.I. Lounge Terminal 1 & Terminal 2

The first of the three “brands” of lounges is the T.E.I. Lounge. While I only visited the one in Terminal 1 which is awful, I have no reason to believe the one in Terminal 2 would be any different.

The lounge features plenty of uncomfortable seating, and basically no refreshments except for a soft drinks dispenser and coffee and tea.

T.E.I. Lounge Seating

The “retro” seating.
T.E.I. Lounge Drinks

Soft drinks.

While the lounge was empty when I visited it shortly before its closing time, I have a suspicion that it can get quite crowded during the day, as quite a few Japanese credit cards give their members access to this lounge.

IASS Executive Lounge

Similarly to the T.E.I. Lounge, the IASS Executive Lounge is present in both terminal 1 and 2. Also, just like with the previous lounge, I only visited the Terminal 1 version of the lounge.

While the refreshment offering is virtually the same as that of the T.E.I. Lounge, at least the seating looks quite modern – and not like something from the 1990’s.

IASS Executive Lounge Seating

Not so comfortable, but at least nice looking seating.
IASS Executive Lounge Drinks

Soft drinks.

Given that it is a credit card lounge as well, I believe the lounge might have crowding issues during the day.

KAL Lounge

The last of the lounges at Narita is the KAL Lounge. This one is only present in Terminal 1, and it is also the only one of the five lounges that is located after security check rather than before it.

It is also the only “real” lounge offering at least some light snacks (pastries, rice balls, etc.) and a fairly decent seating. Besides soft drinks, the lounge also offers a limited selection of alcoholic drinks.

KAL Lounge Seating

Fairly comfortable seating.
KAL Lounge Apron View

Apron view.
KAL Lounge Alcohol

Small selection of alcoholic drinks.
KAL Lounge Snacks

Some of the snacks on offer.

What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?

I think reading the above it is fairly clear what the best Priority Pass lounge at Tokyo Narita airport is. In fact, if you are departing out of terminal 2, it might be more comfortable to just clear the security and get a drink airside from one of the shops or vending machines – in spite of the additional costs.

In Terminal 1, the best Priority Pass lounge is, of course, the KAL Lounge. Unlike the other two options, it is located airside, so you do not have to worry about having enough time to clear immigration and security, and it offers the best selection of drinks and snacks.

However, if you do not have an unlimited Prestige membership, I would skip visiting a Priority Pass lounge at Narita altogether as the overall quality is low.

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5 thoughts on “What Is the Best Priority Pass Lounge at Tokyo Narita Airport?”

  1. Thanks for the review. I am sitting at KAL lounge now and found it miserable that’s why I started googling . At least now I know that I am at the best of the worst.

  2. worst of worst is Narita for Amex Platinum , really feel shame to used as called “LOUNGE”
    Meaning of “lounge” in the English Dictionary
    the room in a house or apartment that is used for relaxing and entertaining guests in:

  3. Fully agree with the reviews. Conclusion: do not waste your priority pass access to enter the Narita’s Lounges. The airport amenities are as confortable, if not more, than the lounge.

  4. Are there any good restaurants in T1 airside, that would be better to kill some time in, instead of paying for KAL?

    Buying some food and a beer, might be the better option in this case?

  5. I have been in the KAL lounge a few times and found it passable. I was curious about the other two, but now I know they are to be avoided. Thank you for publishing these quick reviews of each. I am flying out of Terminal 2 and will have LOTS of time before my flight. I am thinking we will probably just catch the bus to transfer over to Terminal one and stay at the KAL lounge until about an hour before my flight’s departure time. After looking at the ability to transfer between terminals airside, it seems transfers for “shopping” are discouraged.

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