The Cheapest Way to Fly Within Austria? With British Airways Through London!

In February, I will be flying from Hanoi to New York and back in Qatar Airways’ business class thanks to a crazy error fare from a couple of months ago. That roundtrip alone will give me enough tier points to reach the requirement for Executive Club Silver status.

However, there is a catch – and that is the requirement to also fly on at least 4 qualifying segments meaning either:

  • Flights operated by OR marketed by British Airways
  • Flights operated AND marketed by Iberia

Flying British Airways Domestically within Austria (via London) for Less than Austrian Airlines

While I am still looking for the most convenient and cost effective way for me to get those four segments on my upcoming trip to Europe this winter, I run into interesting British Airways fares that I thought were worth sharing.

British Airways Map

Flying Domestically within Austria with British Airways

The fares that I am talking about are for the following domestic routes within Austria (all of them via London):

  • Vienna – Innsbruck
  • Vienna – Salzburg
  • Salzburg – Innsbruck

All of these flights are available for around 75 EUR one-way on quite a few days between January and March 2018.

Price Calendar

Even though the price is – in many instances – lower than the price of direct flights operated by Austrian Airlines, the travel time is of course a problem with this routing.

Especially so on the Vienna to Innsbruck and back, Salzburg to Innsbruck and back, and Vienna to Salzburg routes. In those cases, the trip requires an overnight stay in London and as such it is not really a convenient (or cheap given the need to spend a night in London) option.

Long Itinerary

However, on the Salzburg to Vienna flights, it is possible to book flights with just 2 hours transfer time. In that case, the trip from Salzburg to Vienna would take you just over 6 hours.

That’s still much longer than the sub-1-hour direct flight or the 2.5 or 3 hour train ride, but in case you happen to be in the region and need to fly a couple of cheap British Airways segments to get your status, it is a reasonable option.

Short Itinerary

As mentioned above, I am still not decided how I will get the four British Airways segments I need. But, one of the options I am considering is a little trip to Salzburg – a city that seems to be a nice destination for both sightseeing and plane spotting.

If I do so, I will be taking train from Vienna (about 20 EUR) and flying back via London.


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