Crazy Missed Approach During a Training Flight at Nagoya Centrair Today

I will write about this trip in detail later, once I catch up with my backlog of reports from spotting trips to Sapporo and Phuket that I took in March. But, I wanted to post briefly about a short morning spotting session I did at Nagoya Centrair airport.

The weather was unfortunately cloudy, but I am glad I went out to the observation deck as the ten sunny seconds I was able to enjoy coincided with the departure of Kalitta Air’s 747 to Hong Kong.

Kalitta Air 747-400BCF at Nagoya Centrair

While normally that would have been the highlight, today an ANA 777-200 was doing a training flight around the airport.

That would not be anything rare – the airport even publishes a schedule of training flights so that the people don’t find the aircraft flying at unusual angles and doing missed approaches and touch-and-gos suspicious.

ANA 777 Training at Centrair

What made today special, though, was one of the missed approaches the aircraft performed.

The aircraft came towards the runway from the side, and had to bank all the way until the last moments before performing missed approach to align with the runway.

Just see the photo below which was taken out of the video of the approach that I took.

Missed Approach

And, here’s the video itself…

Coincidentally, this was also the last missed approach the aircraft performed before doing a full landing.

While I was wondering at first whether it was the last one before landing because the instructor decided to cut the training short, after looking at the training schedule, I realized it was scheduled to end at 9:00AM…

3 thoughts on “Crazy Missed Approach During a Training Flight at Nagoya Centrair Today”

  1. Nothing crazy about that at all. Just a go around. Most likely because he was going to touchdown outside of the touchdown zone. YouTube the river visual into DCA if you wanna see fun approaches.

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