Tour Report: Iranian S&C Day 5 – Shiraz on Caspian 737-300 & MD-83

Day 5: Caspian 737 and MD-82 to Shiraz and Back

<–Day 4: Pouya An-74 Joyride & FARS Hangar Visit

(Traveled on February 17, 2016)

After the four short course tour members returned back to Kuala Lumpur, there was still a lot to come for the remaining six of us. On the fifth day of the tour – the first day of the long course – we went to Shiraz, one of the most historic cities in Iran. While not initially planned, we ended up flying Caspian Airlines both ways – there on a 737-300 and back on an MD-82.

Equipment Change from an MD-80 to a 737-300

After two days of relatively late mornings, our 6:00AM departure to Shiraz meant we were back in the “hardcore” mode.

When we got to the terminal, we headed straight to the check-in counter to get our boarding passes. Interestingly, the scheduled departure time has been changed to 6:05AM, but no big deal.

During the seat selection, we realized based on the assigned seat that the originally scheduled MD-80 was replaced by a 737. Well, not a big issue, since on our way back we were going to fly on Kish Air’s MD anyways!

With the boarding passes in our hands we headed through security to gate four where our flight was boarding.

Now Boarding
Boarding our flight through Gate 4.

Knowing it was a 737, we were hoping to fly on the 737-400 in hybrid Caspian-Malaysia Airlines livery. The bus, however, took us to a 737-300 with Ukrainian registration – UR-COK.

Boarding UR-COK – a 737-300 leased by Caspian Airlines from Khors Aircompany of Ukraine.

Once again, the crew was extremely friendly. After complementing the uniform of one of the flight attendants, I got a “yes” without hesitation when asked if I could take a picture.

Welcome Onboard
One of the flight attendants posing for a picture while welcoming passengers onboard.

Slowly, everyone got on board and the doors were closed.

That’s when the “first round of service” started. The crew went through the aisle handing out candies to passengers.

Candies were handed out before take-off.

At 6:17AM we started taxiing towards runway 29L, and less five minutes later we took off into the Iranian skies once again.

Cabin view shortly after take-off.

During the one hour flight, a simple breakfast was handed out followed by tea. There really is no Iranian domestic flight without a fairly proper meal service!

One of the cabin crew passing through the aisle, handing out breakfast.
Breakfast was served in a plastic box.
Interestingly, the teabag was part of the bag containing cutlery, salt, etc.

The rest of the flight was uneventful, and exactly one hour after taking off – at 7:21AM, we lowered our gear in preparation for landing.

Approaching Shiraz airport.

In no time, we touched down at Shiraz airport and reached our remote stand at 7:27AM.

Before disembarking, we had a chance to visit the cockpit. Interestingly, this Ukrainian registered aircraft flying in Iran was operated by a Russian (ex-Transaero) crew!

The very friendly Russian cockpit crew.
“EP-ATH” – Iran Aseman’s ATR resting next to us on the Shiraz apron.
Entering the terminal after disembarking from the bus. Homa on both sides of the door – we must be close to Persepolis!

The Pink Mosque and Persepolis

We met our guide Sara in the arrivals hall, jumped into our van and headed straight to the first sight of the day – the Nasir al-Molk Mosque also known as the “Pink Mosque” due to the coloring of its tiles.

Pink Mosque
Beautiful mosaics of the Pink Mosque.
Inside the Pink Mosque
This photo summarizes the Pink Mosque well – the beautiful mosaics and colored windows together with the morning reflections on the carpet.
Quran being lit by the colorful morning light inside the Pink Mosque.

After spending a good part of the morning enjoying the mosque and the colorful reflections it offers, we continued on to Persepolis where we arrived after about an hour on the road.

The ancient ruins of Persepolis are decorated with beautiful reliefs, just as this gate is.
Our group in front of a tomb in Persepolis.
One last, backlit, view of the ruins.

Once we were finished with Persepolis, we got on the road back towards Shiraz, and made a quick stop for lunch.

I decided to have kebab for lunch once again.
Nice scenery of the road leading back to Shiraz.

The final stop before heading back to Shiraz was Naqsh-e Rustam also referred to as the necropolis. It is the place where tombs of Archaemenid kings are located.

Naghsh-e Rostam
The four tombs of Naqsh-e Rustam together with the Iranian flag.

More Shiraz Sights

Our first stop after arriving back in Shiraz was the historic Eram Garden.

Eram Garden
An overview of the garden and the building – Qavam House – inside it.

From Eram Garden, we headed to the Tomb of Hafez – a famous Iranian poet.

School Trip
At the entrance to the Tomb of Hafez, we were asked to photograph this group of Iranian kids on their school trip.
The Tomb
The Tomb of Hafez is a popular place for both tourists and locals to visit.
A woman reading, supposedly, the poetry of Hafez while leaning against one of the pillars of his tomb.

At the end of the day, we spent a couple of hours in the bazaar, roaming around the countless stores selling anything from cookies to carpets and old radios.

One of the quiter streets of the bazaar.
Carpet Shop
Two men and a carpet shop.
…and one of them showing his Japanese motorcycle to Nabe-san.

Having spend enough time in the bazaar, we were ready to head back to the airport. However, the guide suggested we visit one more place – Shah Cheragh. From the outside, it’s a beautiful mosque.

While waiting for our driver, we had a chance to snap this rather classic Mazda pick-up truck.
Shah Cheragh – a beautiful, yet rather “normal” looking mosque from the outside…

Stepping inside the mosque, I was shocked. I was expecting regular mosaics. However, the mosque walls are covered with small mirrors creating an unbelievable environment.

…shockingly beautiful and reflective mosque from the inside.

After having a look at the mosque, we headed back to the airport.

With Guide
A photo together with our great guide – Sara. Thank you!

Buy & Fly: Flying Back to Tehran the Unintended Way

While still at the bazaar I received a call from my Iranian friend informing me about the delay of our Kish Air flight to 11:59PM. In spite of knowing that, we went to the airport fairly early as we were tired.

The small yet modern domestic terminal of Shiraz airport.

At the airport, we tried to investigate about the delay. The exact same thing happened to me last year when I took the exact same flight. …and the delay ended up being much longer than originally “advertised.”

The FIDS showing our flight being delayed until 23:59.

One of the group members decided to wait for the original flight, but the rest of us decided to look at other options to return to Tehran as we had yet another early morning the next day and taking our original flight could mean anywhere between 2 and 0 hours of sleep.

Both Zagros and Caspian had flights with enough empty seats. Since the Zagros flight was operated by an Airbus A320 and the Caspian flight by an MD-83, the choice was easy.

One of the Caspian staff issued our tickets after we paid him in cash, and he took us to the check-in desk.

Buying and getting our tickets issued inside the check-in hall.
Overview of the nice landside area of Shiraz airport.

After checking-in, we headed to the small airside area where we waited for some time before getting in the line and boarding the bus around 10:00PM.

Child Seat
A child seat on a bus from terminal to aircraft – the first time I saw it!

The bus took us to EP-CPV – one of Caspian’s MD-83s.

Our MD-83 waiting on the apron for its flight back to Tehran.

With everyone settled in their seats, we taxied for take-off.

Right after taking off at 10:20PM, we were offered some great views of the city of Shiraz lit up at night.

Just as on the way to Shiraz, the flight took roughly one hour. Shortly after take-off, the meal service was started.

A view of the cabin shortly after take-off.
Since I was not hungry, I did not bother to open the meal. Still, the meal service on Iranian domestic flights never ceases to impress me.

After the meal service was over, once again we enjoyed interacting with the friendly crew – getting our log books filled out, taking pictures together and so on.

Every flight in Iran is so much fun – whether on an A320, a 727, or a 737!

With Crew
Nabe-san and I with two of the crew members.

A little after 11PM, the seatbelt sign was switched on, and we began our descend towards Mehrabad airport.

Being sat on the right, I was able to have a great view of the lights of countless buildings of Teheran shining in the dark.

We landed on runway 29L, and after taxiing a bit, we reached our spot around half past eleven.

Before getting off the plane, we took a quick look at the cockpit.

The cockpit crew filling out Suzuki-san’s logbook.

Afterwards, it was back to the hotel as fast as possible – every minute counts when you can’t sleep longer than 5 hours!

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