The First Commercial Flight of Delta Air Lines A350 Touches Down at Tokyo Narita

The First Commercial Flight of Delta Air Lines A350 Touches Down at Tokyo Narita

Yesterday, Delta Air Lines operated its first A350 commercial flight.

The flight, DL275 left Detroit shortly after 1:40PM (EDT), and landed on Tokyo Narita airport’s runway 16R at 3:34PM (JST). The A350 later departed back to Detroit as DL276. The aircraft substituted the 747 which operated its last flight into Japan the day before.

At Tokyo Narita, both the arriving and departing A350 flights were met with festivities.

The First Delta Air Lines A350 Flight to Japan

The first flight was operated by Delta’s second A350 (reg. N502DN) equipped with 32 Delta One business class suites, 48 Premium Select premium economy seats, and 226 economy class seats. And, the aircraft landed at Tokyo Narita airport at 3:34PM – after a bit more than 12 and a half hours in the air.

Delta Air Lines A350 Landing in Tokyo for the First Time

Delta Air Lines A350 arriving at Narita airport for the first time.

As it taxied to its parking gate 26 at Narita’s terminal 1, the aircraft was welcomed by a water cannon salute.

Delta Air Lines A350

The first commercial flight of Delta’s A350 coming to an end.
Delta Air Lines A350 Water Cannon Salute

…and being welcomed by a water cannon salute.
Delta Air Lines A350 Water Cannon Salute

Delta Air Lines A350 receiving a water cannon salute at Tokyo Narita airport.

The aircraft came to a full stop six minutes after landing at 3:40PM.

Delta Air Lines A350 Narita

The A350 after it parked at gate 26.

Inaugural Ceremony at Tokyo Narita

While the aircraft was making its way from the runway to its parking stand, inside the terminals, passengers were already gathering around the gate area.

In celebration of the first flight, Delta Air Lines had prepared several banners which decorated the departure gate.

Delta A350 Inaugural Ceremony in Tokyo

Stage prepared for the inaugural ceremony.
Welcome Airbus A350-900

Delta One Suites

Panels promoting new Delta One suites.

It also provided drinks and cupcakes to the waiting passengers. While enjoying those, the passengers could also listen to music played by Narita Airport Symphony Orchestra’s string quartet.


Drinks for passengers of the inaugural flight.
Delta Cupcakes

Delta cupcakes.
Narita Airport Symphonic Orchestra

A string quartet from Narita Airport Symphony Orchestra.

Then, at 4:40PM – twenty minutes before the boarding was scheduled to start – a short inaugural ceremony was held. Besides the flight’s crew, Masaru Morimoto – managing director of Delta Air Lines Japan, and Makoto Natsume – President & CEO of Narita International Airport Corporation – were present.

First, Mr. Morimoto gave a short speech mentioning Delta’s ongoing fleet renewal.

Masaru Morimoto and Makoto Natsume

Mr. Morimoto and Mr. Natsume.
Delta Air Lines Japan Masaru Morimoto

Mr. Morimoto, managing director of Delta Air Lines Japan, giving his speech.

Then, the first Captain of the flight introduced the crew and greeted the passengers.

Delta Air Lines A350 Crew

Crew of the inaugural A350 flight from Tokyo to Detroit.

One of the Captains introducing the crew.

Some of the flight’s cabin crew members.

Finally, a photo shoot of the cockpit crew – later joined by other Delta Air Lines staff as well as Mr. Natsume – followed.

Pilots of the Flight

All four pilots of the flight were Captains.
Pilots and Executives

The flight deck crew together with the Chief Purser, Mr. Morimoto, and Mr. Natsume.

The First Delta Air Lines A350 Flight Out of Japan

While the inaugural festivities were going on, the Delta Air Lines A350 was being prepared for its flight to Detroit. And, with the event done, the flight was almost ready for boarding.

Delta Air Lines A350 at Gate at Narita

Delta Air Lines A350-900 being prepared for its departure back to Detroit.

The boarding started shortly after 5PM, and the passengers received certificates as well as post cards as they entered the jetway.

Boarding in Progress

Boarding in progress.

One of the first passengers to board the flight.

A passenger posing with the inaugural certificates and post cards.

With the boarding done, the flight was pushed back at 5:59PM and took off at 6:25PM.

Delta Air Lines A350

Flight DL276 almost ready for departure.
Delta Air Lines A350

Delta Air Lines A350 ready to taxi for departure on its first flight from Tokyo to Detroit.

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