Review: Diamond Lounge (Schengen) at Brussels Airport

Review: Diamond Lounge (Schengen) at Brussels Airport

Before taking a Brussels Airlines flight from Brussels to Basel, I had a chance to visit Diamond Lounge in the Schengen part of the terminal.

On a side note, there is also a Diamond Lounge in the non-Schengen part of the terminal. I didn’t (couldn’t) visit it, but I assume it is quite similar to the one reviewed in this article.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Schengen
Entrance into the lounge.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

To get to the lounge, first you have to clear security, and then get through the duty free shopping area to the “A-gates” area.

The Diamond Lounge is located one floor above the departures level, near Brussels Airlines’ lounge, and it’s open from 5AM until 9PM every day.

Brussels Airport Duty Free Shopping Area
Duty free shopping area.
Diamond Lounge Brussels
Escalators leading to the lounge.

It can be accessed by business class and elite passengers of selected airlines including Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Icelandair, etc. It’s also accessible to Priority Pass members and through other similar memberships.

Eligibility for Brussels Airlines Lounge and Diamond Lounge.
Eligibility for Brussels Airlines Lounge and Diamond Lounge.

Lounge Tour

Right behind the reception desk wall (the other side of which served as a magazine rack) was a couple of high-top tables. There was also a counter along the window which offered limited views of the apron.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Reception
Diamond Lounge Brussels Magazines and Newspapers
Reading materials.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Seating
Seating area in the middle of the lounge.

Going to the left, there were about half a dozen or so coffee tables with chairs, as well as some more high-top tables. Fresh fruits was available on one of the high-top tables, and Belgian TV was playing in the background.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Seating
Chairs and coffee tables on the left side of the lounge.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Seating
Seating by the windows.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Reading Materials
Reading materials.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Seating
High-top tables.

Going to the right instead, there was a Christmas tree, the dining area, as well as another seating area in the very back of the lounge.

The dining area consisted of some high-top tables and counters, as well as the buffet spread.

More about the food and drinks offered in the section below.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Overview
The “right” side of the lounge.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Dining Area
Counters in the dining area.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Dining Area
Seating in the dining area.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Food and Drinks
Buffet area and more seating.

Food and Drinks

A variety of cold soft drinks was available including bottled Coke, Sprite, Fanta, and tonic, as well as milk, apple juice, orange juice, and tomato juice in pitchers. Water, still and sparkling, was available as well.

Hot drinks included coffee and a selection of Lipton teas.

As far as alcoholic drinks are concerned, there were five different kinds of bottled kinds of bottled beer including Hoegaarden and Stella Artois, as well as red and white wines.

There was also a limited selection of liquor.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Soft Drinks and Beer
Bottled soft drinks and beer.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Wine
Water, juices, and wines.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Coffee and Tea
Coffee and tea.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Alcohol
Wine and liquor.

Things to eat included some snacks such as crackers and nuts, and fruits, as well as more substantial items.

The only hot item available was tomato soup. Other than that, there were waffles, toasts, cold cuts, and salads.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Snacks
Diamond Lounge Brussels Fruits
Diamond Lounge Brussels Soup
Tomato soup.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Waffles
Waffles and pastries.
Diamond Lounge Brussels Food
Diamond Lounge Brussels Cold Cuts and Salads
Cold cuts and salads.

Diamond Lounge Schengen Brussels Summary

During my visit, the lounge was fairly empty and quiet. As such, it offered what I needed – a place to get some work done and wait for my flight.

The meal selection was fairly limited, but both the cold items and the soup that I tried were fairly good. I also appreciated that the lounge offered bottled soda which I prefer over canned or PET bottles.

Diamond Lounge Brussels Lunch
My light lunch.

While I wouldn’t arrive early at the airport just to experience the lounge, I would gladly visit it again if I had some time before my departure from Brussels airport. Especially so since for Priority Pass members it’s accessible regardless of airline.

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