Lounge Review: The Emirates Lounge at Tokyo Narita

Lounge Review: The Emirates Lounge at Tokyo Narita

Currently, Emirates operates flights from Dubai to both of Tokyo’s airports – Narita and Haneda. While the premium passengers at Haneda are invited to Japan Airlines lounges, the airline operates its own lounge at Narita. The lounge was opened recently, in June 2015.

During my recent flight from Narita to Dubai in business class, I had a chance to visit the lounge. Besides Emirates business class passengers, the lounge is also accessible to its first class passengers and status holders, as well as to Qantas business and first class passengers and status holders.

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Lounge Overview

The lounge located in Terminal 2, one floor above the main departures floor, and is accessible from an elevator right after security check.

Right past reception, there is a fountain behind which one of the several lounging areas filled with sofa and lounge chairs is located. A business center with a couple of computers and a magazine rack with a selection of both English and Japanese newspapers and magazines are located nearby as well.

The Emirates Lounge

Entrance to the lounge.
Fountain at the Emirates Lounge at Tokyo Narita

A fountain right behind the entrance.
Main Lounging Area

One of the lounging areas.
Business Center

Business center.
Magazines and Newspapers

Magazines and newspapers.

As one proceeds to the left, there is another lounging area in more-or-less a separate room.

On the right side of the lounge, there is one more lounging area as well as a dining area with a self-service buffet (more on that below).

Lounging Area

The “separate” lounging room.
Lounging Area

Lounging area across from the dining area.
Dining Area

Dining area.
Dining Area

Dining area.

Besides the lounging and dining areas, and the business center, the lounge also offers showers for those that want to freshen up before their flight.

Food & Drink Selection

In the buffet area, there is a main counter with food as well as a separate station with lighter refreshments.

The main counter is home to a decent selection of warm meals and bread.


Warm Meals

Selection of warm meals.
Warm Meals

Selection of warm meals.
Warm Meals

Selection of warm meals.


Alcoholic beverages and a coffee machine can also be found on the counter. Canned and bottled soft drinks and beer can be found in fridges under the counter.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks and beer.
Coffee Machine

Coffee and tea.
Alcoholic Beverages

Alcoholic beverages.

The refreshments station offers a selection of cold appetizers, fruits, cheese, and desserts.


Desserts, cheese, fruits.


My Snack

My quick pre-flight snack.

The Emirates Lounge Tokyo Narita Summary

I found it commendable that even though Emirates only offers a single daily flight out of Tokyo Narita, it went the extra mile to have a dedicated lounge at the airport. The lounge offered a variety of comfortable seating options, and the food and drinks selection was better than at some of the other lounges I had a chance to visit at Narita.

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