Airport Hotel Review: Hotel Tach Madrid Airport

Airport Hotel Review: Hotel Tach Madrid Airport

While there’s a hotel inside Madrid airport’s terminal 4, most of the airport hotels are located a short shuttle bus ride away from the terminals, near Barajas station.

One of such hotels is the Hotel Tach Madrid Airport where I stayed during my overnight layover at the airport back in October. The hotel is not a part of any major chain, however, it’s related to Clement Barajas Hotel, another hotel near Madrid airport.

I booked my one night stay there for about 85 dollars through

Hotel Tach by Clement Hotels Madrid Airport
Hotel Tach Madrid Airport.

Getting to the Hotel

As mentioned above, Hotel Tach can be found near Barajas station which is just one stop away from both of the airport’s metro stations. From Barajas station, it’s just a short five or six-minute walk to the hotel.

It might be easier (not necessarily quicker) to just catch the hotel’s free shuttle bus, though. It departs from each of the terminal’s “hotel bus” stop at regular intervals (I had to wait about ten minutes for the shuttle to come), and the ride itself takes about ten or fifteen minutes depending on which terminal you get on at. The bus also stops at Clement Barajas Hotel along the way.

In the other direction, from the hotel to the airport, the bus departs at a number of scheduled times from which you will be able to choose the one you want to take at the time of check-in.

Hotel Shuttle Bus Stop at Madrid Barajas
Follow the “Hotel Bus” sign to get to the shuttle bus stop.
Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Shuttle Bus
Shuttle bus.

When I arrived at the hotel, there was one other guest checking in before me, but even then, I got my key in just a couple of minutes. At the same time, I also reserved a seat on the shuttle bus to the airport for the next morning.

As for the lobby itself, it was fairly small and simple. Besides the reception desk, there were ten or so sofa chairs, a coffee table with some reading materials on it, and a desk with a pair of computers and a printer. There were also two vending machines – one selling snacks and drinks, and the other cigarettes.

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Reception
Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Business Center
Business center.
Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Vending Machines
Vending machines.
Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Lobby
Seating in the lobby area.

There was also a bar & restaurant on the first floor. Although I didn’t try it, the hotel served buffet breakfast there between 6:30AM and 11AM for 6 EUR. The restaurant was also open for lunch between 1PM and 4PM, and for dinner between 7:30PM and 11:00PM.

If you have the time and energy to do so, it might be better to venture out and grab a meal at one of the local restaurants in the area around the hotel, though.

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Restaurant (Breakfast)

Finally, although I didn’t visit it, I believe there was a free 24-hour gym on the ground level of the hotel.

Guest Room

With the keycard in my hand, I made my way to the elevator (there was only one, although that wasn’t an issue) and headed up to the second floor (or, first floor, since it was in Europe) and to my room, 124, which was at the very end of the hallway.

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Guest Rooms
Guest room floor.
Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Floor Plan
Floor plan.

As can be seen in the floor plan above, because of its location, it had a slightly different layout than the other rooms with a fairly narrow and long hallway leading to the main part of the room.

On the left side of the hallway, there was a mirror, as well as the bathroom entrance. And, on the right side, there was a closet with the usual slippers and safe.

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Guest Room
View from my room’s entrance.
Slippers and the safe.

The main part of the room was fairly compact with the bed taking up most of the space. Next to the bed, there was a small nightstand as well as a power outlet (something that is lacking in some of the older hotels).

While I would have appreciated a slightly larger pillow, otherwise, the bed was fairly comfortable. In fact, there was even a “pillow menu” in the room with five different pillows on offer. Given that I was there for just one quick night, I didn’t bother testing any of the pillows on the menu out, though.

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Bed
Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Pillow Menu
Pillow menu.

Across from the bed, there was a luggage rack with some coat hooks above it, as well as a work desk with a couple of power outlets. On the desk, there was a (printed) welcome note and a pair of candies as a “welcome amenity.” And, there was an ashtray – luckily, there was no cigarette smell in the room.

Under the table, there was a fridge with two complimentary bottles of water, and above it, there was a small TV.

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Working Area
Work desk area.
Welcome Amenity
Welcome note and candies.
Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Smoking
Ashtray – luckily the room didn’t smell.

While it wasn’t exactly useful during my rainy winter stay, I found it nice that there was an outdoor balcony with a table and a pair of chairs.

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Balcony

Finally, the bathroom was quite simple. There was a shower (no bathtub), a toilet, and a sink. While they were quite basic, amenities including dental kits, shampoo and soap were provided.

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Bathroom

Hotel Tach Madrid Airport Summary

Considering that there were several cheaper options when I was booking the stay, next time I would likely just go for one of those. While I didn’t have a bad stay at this hotel (in fact, it was perfectly fine), considering the fairly simple and small room, I don’t think it was worth the small price premium I paid for staying at Hotel Tach instead of some of the more budget options.

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