Review: Jet Lounge at Vienna Airport

Lounge Review: Jet Lounge at Vienna International

Besides a couple of Austrian Airlines lounges in Vienna airport’s terminal 3, there are also four contract lounges – one in both Schengen and non-Schengen parts of both the old and new terminals.

In the past I visited and wrote about Sky Lounge Schengen in terminal 3 and Air Lounge in terminal 1’s non-Schengen part. In October, prior to catching an Iberia flight to Madrid, I had a chance to visit Jet Lounge in the Schengen part of terminal 1 which I’ll be reviewing below.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

The Jet Lounge can be found in the Schengen part of Vienna airport’s Terminal 1. As such, it’s ideal for passengers departing from concourses B and C. The lounge is located on the terminal’s ground level – one floor below the main departures area – near gate B31.

The lounge is open daily from 5:30AM until 10:30PM.

Vienna Airport Terminal
B gates waiting area.
Jet Lounge Vienna

Given that it’s the only lounge in Terminal 1’s Schengen part, it can be accessed by premium class passengers and status holders of all the airlines departing from the terminal such as Iberia, Air France, and Air Baltic. It can also be accessed with a variety of credit cards (mostly local) and membership cards including Priority Pass.

Besides that, any passenger departing from the terminal and not eligible for free access can enter the lounge for a one-time fee of 33 EUR.

Lounge Tour

As can be seen in the photo shown earlier in this article, right past the Jet Lounge’s entrance was a small hall with a pair of sofa chairs and a coffee table (I wonder if anyone ever uses those pre-entrance seating areas). Past the actual entrance into the lounge, there was a reception desk on the right side and a glass wall enclosing an area with a tree on the left side.

Across from the entrance, there was a seating area with about two dozen or so lounging chairs arranged around tables.

Jet Lounge Vienna Reception
Reception area.
Jet Lounge Vienna Seating
Seating across from the entrance.

The main part of the lounge could be found to the right of the reception. Let’s start with the smaller part to the left of the reception, though.

There was a seating area with a bit less than fifty sofa chairs with coffee tables. And, there was a smoking booth. Other than that, there was a smaller area with some reading materials, high-top tables, and a bench.

Jet Lounge Vienna Seating
Seating to the left of the reception.
Jet Lounge Vienna Smoking
Smoking booth.
Jet Lounge Vienna Reading Materials
Reading materials and some more seating.

Going back to the reception and turning right, there were the lounges restrooms and shower rooms on the left and two seating areas on the right. Those seating areas were separated from the hallway with large flowerpots and so offered a fair amount of privacy.

Jet Lounge Vienna Seating
The main seating areas.

Finally, at the very back of the lounge was the dining area which included the buffet as well as seven tables with chairs.

Jet Lounge Vienna Dining Area
Dining area.
Jet Lounge Vienna Buffet

Food and Drinks

The Jet Lounge was catered by Do & Co and offered – for a lounge used by intra-Schengen flight passengers – a decent buffet spread.

As far as soft drinks are concerned, there was a coffee machine and a selection of teas, lemon and cucumber water, as well as some soda and juices. While not a big deal, I would have preferred the soda to either be from a dispenser or in cans rather than 1.5 liter PET bottles.

Jet Lounge Vienna Coffee
Jet Lounge Vienna Tea
Jet Lounge Vienna Drinks
Lemon and cucumber water.
Jet Lounge Vienna Soft Drinks
Juices and soda.

Alcoholic drinks offered included a couple of different wines, several brands of bottled beer, as well as a dozen or so kinds of liquor.

Jet Lounge Vienna Wine and Beer
Wine and beer.
Jet Lounge Vienna Wine
Jet Lounge Vienna Liquor
Liquor selection.

The food included some snacks and lighter items such as potato chips, fruits, apple pie, and nuts. There were also two kinds of salad and a selection of bread.

Jet Lounge Vienna Fruits and Desserts
Fruits and desserts.
Jet Lounge Vienna Snacks
Jet Lounge Vienna Salads
Jet Lounge Vienna Bread

Finally, there were two different soups (creamy lentil and potato) and one hot main – pumpkin goulash with bread dumplings.

Jet Lounge Vienna Soups
Jet Lounge Vienna Hot Meal
Pumpkin goulash.

Jet Lounge Vienna Summary

Unsurprisingly, the Jet Lounge offered roughly the same facilities as well as food and drinks selection as the two lounges – Sky Lounge Schengen and Air Lounge – I visited before.

While the food and drinks selection was nothing exceptional, it was perfectly fine considering most people using the lounge are only about to board short one or two hour flights within Europe.

That said, at least when I visited, the lounge was quite empty (especially the area to the left of reception), and so it offered a nice place to relax before the flight. Still, I wouldn’t head out to the airport early just to relax in the Jet Lounge.

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