Review: LOT Business Lounge Polonez at Warsaw F. Chopin

Review: LOT Business Lounge Polonez at Warsaw F. Chopin

LOT Polish Airlines operates two lounges at its Warsaw F. Chopin airport base. One of those is located in the Schengen area while the other one can be found past immigration, in the non-Schengen part of the terminal.

Before my flight from Warsaw to Singapore back in January, I was able to visit both of them. Below, I’ll review the one located in the Schengen zone – the LOT Business Lounge Polonez.

Location, Opening Hours & Access

The lounge is, as mentioned above, located in the Schengen part of Warsaw F. Chopin airport. It’s located airside, one floor above the main departures level. And, it can be accessed by a set of escalators that can be found near gates 24 and 26.

Being operated by LOT Polish Airlines, the lounge is available to the airline’s business class passengers and status holders free of charge. Other Star Alliance airlines’ business class and elite passengers can access the lounge as well.

As for the opening hours, the Polonez lounge is open every day from 5AM until 11PM.

Warsaw Airport Schengen Area
Airside at Warsaw airport.
Stairs to Polonez Lounge at Warsaw Airport
Stairs leading to the lounge.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Entrance

Lounge Tour

The lounge was fairly small and simple, and was more or less made up of a single long room.

At one end of it, just in front of the entrance, was a reception desk.

Going further down, there was some typical lounge seating in the form of sofa chairs arranged around coffee tables – mostly in pairs of two – on the left side. And, on the right side, there was the lounge’s buffet which I will talk about in more detail further down in this article.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Seating
Main seating area.

Past the area above, there were also three hanging egg chairs – perhaps the coolest feature of the otherwise quite boring lounge – as well as a counter where one could get some work done. Walls throughout the lounge were decorated with retro LOT posters.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Hanging Egg Chairs
Hanging egg chairs.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Business Center
Retro LOT Posters in Polonez Lounge
Retro LOT posters.

Towards the back of the lounge, there was some more seating featuring the same wood-lined sofa chairs as the front section, as well as some better padded “normal” sofa chairs.

The wall at the very back of the lounge featured a large TV screen with real estate ads playing.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Seating
Seating in the back of the lounge.
LOT Polonez Lounge Warsaw Seating
…and one more view.

Food and Drinks

The lounge’s buffet area featured – for a Schengen lounge serving mostly passengers on short one or two hour flights – an average selection of drinks and food.

Cold soft drinks included Pepsi and other soda in glass bottles, juices in pitchers, and water. As for hot drinks, there were a coffee machine and a selection of Dilmah tea bags.

Alcoholic drinks included bottled beer (Heineken as well as a local brand), red and white wine, Prosecco, and about half a dozen different types of liquor.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Drinks
Cold soft drinks and beer.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Coffee
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Tea
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Alcohol
Wine and liquor.

In terms of food, there were snacks including cereals, wafer bars, fruits, nuts, dried fruits, and krowki – typical Polish candies. There were also some yogurts and a couple of different kinds of cakes.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Food
Cereals and wafer bars.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Food
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Snacks
Krowki, dried fruits, and nuts.
LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Desserts
Yogurts and cakes.

Then, there were some cold appetizers including cold cuts, prawns with cream cheese, and smoked salmon.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Appetizers

Finally, there was one hot main option with rice.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Hot Meal
Main meal.

LOT Business Lounge Polonez Warsaw Summary

While the lounge was quite small, it was fairly empty during my late evening visit. That said, even though there were plenty of empty seats, it took me some time to find a seat next to a power outlet.

Other than that, the drink and food selection was average – but it was certainly more than sufficient given that the lounge is mainly used by passengers that are about to take short intra-European flights.

Finally – not that it matters in terms of the lounge experience in general – as an aviation enthusiast, I certainly appreciated the fact that they had some retro LOT posters displayed on the lounge walls.

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