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Plane Spotting

Plane spotting – watching and photographing aircraft – is the main part of my aviation hobby. For over ten years, I have been spending hours and hours standing by the fence at airports around the world trying to photograph a wide variety of aircraft types and airlines. On this website, you can find my reports and photos from these spotting sessions, but also a variety of guides whether related to a specific airport or plane spotting in general.

Spotting Reports
Plane Spotting Reports
Photo reports about plane spotting at various airports around the world
Plane Spotting Guides
Plane Spotting Guides
Articles with plane spotting tips & tricks as well as in-depth airport guides
Aircraft Photo Database
Aircraft Photo Database
A growing collection of aircraft photos that I’ve taken over the last 10 years

Inaugurals, Farewells & Special Flights

Besides plane spotting, I also enjoy flying on as many airlines and aircraft types as possible. Most of articles about those, you can find in the “flight reports” section. However, some of the most enjoyable ones are without a doubt those that are hard to (or even impossible to) replicate, including inaugural and farewell flights, as well as more “unpredictable” cases like diversions and go-arounds. Those, you can find here.

Air France 787 Inaugural
Air France 787 Inaugural Flight
Welcoming the 787 into Air France’s fleet with a sightseeing flight around Corsica
Cathay Pacific 747 Farewell
Cathay Pacific 747-400 Final Flight
Bidding a farewell to the Queen of the Skies on a flight from Tokyo to Hong Kong
Pakistan International A310 Diversion
Pakistan International A310 Diversion
Experiencing a diversion while in the cockpit of a Pakistan International A310

Iran & the DPRK

While many people certainly would not think of these two countries as “top destinations,” when it comes to aviation enthusiasts, they are very popular. The years of economic sanctions resulted in both of these countries operating a fleet of aircraft types that were retired elsewhere in the world.

Iranian Skies & Cities
Iranian Skies & Cities Tour
A pair of tours I organized in 2016 to show the beauty of Iranian aviation and culture to over fifteen aviation enthusiasts
Wonsan Air Festival
Wonsan Air Festival
The first airshow in the DPRK that allows foreign visitors and gives them the chance to photograph and fly on classic Soviet aircraft

Aviation Museums

Even though I prefer flying onboard rare and old aircraft, or at least seeing them “in action,” sometimes that is just not possible. As such, whenever I have a chance to do so during my travels, I visit aviation museums to see some of the aircraft that cannot be seen otherwise.

Letecke Muzeum Slavnica
Letecke Muzeum Slavnica
Dubnica, Slovakia
My favorite aviation museum with a small collection of Soviet-era aircraft
Intrepid Museum
Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
New York, United States
A well-known aviation museum housed on a former aircraft carrier of the same name
Turkish Air Force Museum
Museum of Aeronautical Sciences
Shibayama, Japan
An aviation museum located just a short bus ride away from Narita airport