Lounge Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle

Lounge Review: Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle

Air Canada operates its own Maple Leaf Lounge at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport.

While I am not a Star Alliance Gold member nor was I flying in business class, I was able to visit it before my flight to Toronto back in May thanks to Priority Pass.

The lounge can be found in an “annex” of Terminal 2A that includes gates A37-A39. In fact, it is only about a minute or two away from either of those gates which seem to be used by Air Canada flights often. (My flight departed from A39.)

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2A
Paris Charles de Gaulle airport terminal 2A.

As for the lounge’s opening hours, it is open between 7:30AM and 1:30PM which should not be an issue at all if you are taking an Air Canada flight, but might be limiting in case you are planning to get in using Priority Pass when flying some other airline.

Lounge Overview

The lounge is located one floor below the departures level, and can be accessed through semi-automatic (you have to push a button to open it) door.

Right past the door, there is the reception desk across from which there is a place to store luggage. It’s split into two long and relatively narrow parts – one to the left of the reception and one to the right.

Escalators Leading to Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge
The Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge is located an escalator ride down from the gate area.
Reception Area
Reception area.
Air Canada 787 Model
Air Canada 787 model.

Going to the left from the reception desk, there were some lounging chairs and sofa chairs on the right side and the main buffet area on the left. In the buffet area, there was also a counter with bar chairs.

Further down, there was a couple of dining tables, as well as some reading materials on top of some more sofas.

In the very back part of the left side, there was another seating area with about a dozen sofa chairs.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Overview
Overview of the lounge.
Dining Area
Seating in the dining area.
Seating Area
One of the lounge’s seating areas.

Going back to the reception and to the right, there was another seating area with black leather sofa chairs.

On the right side of the seating area, there was a passage to the lounge’s business center. On the left side of the passage, there were some reading materials, and on the right side, there were some drinks and snacks.

Seating Area
Seating area on the other end of the lounge.
Seating in the Lounge
Most of the seating consisted black sofa chairs.
Reading Materials and Snacks
Reading materials and snacks.

Finally, the business center itself was equipped with about ten semi-private work spaces some of which included a computer. And, there was also a printer, although it was out of order at the time of my visit.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Business Center
Workspaces in the business center.
Workspace with plenty of privacy.

Food and Drinks Selection

Bites to eat and drinks were spread across two areas – the main buffet area and the snack area near the business center. Unfortunately, though, the selection was nothing to write home about.

There was some coffee and tea in both of the areas, and there were soft drinks including juice and canned soda. There was also a selection of about fifteen different kinds of liquor.

Coffee in the dining area.
Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Coffee
Coffee in the snack area.
Soft Drinks and Beer
Soft drinks and beer.

As far as food is concerned, there were no hot meals during the time of my visit, and the selection was one of the poorest ones I’ve seen at airline operated lounges.

There were packaged snacks, fruits, as well as fruit salad and dried fruits. Other than that, there was packaged bread, some cold cuts and eggs.

Packaged snacks.
Fruit Salad and Dried Fruits
Fruit salad and dried fruits.
Fruits and Bread
Fruits and packaged bread.
More snacks.
Cold Cuts
Cold cuts.
Cheese and Eggs
Cheese and eggs.

Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge Paris CDG Summary

It’s always nice when you can access a lounge of the airline you are actually flying with using your Priority Pass membership. That said, the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge is not spectacular – especially so when it comes to seating options (it is in a typical lounge layout with sofa chairs) and refreshments.

That said, the work cubicles were some of the nicest and most private ones I’ve had the chance to see and were great for getting focused and getting some work done.

As such, while I wouldn’t visit this lounge for a long time again if I just wanted to relax, if I was looking to get an article written or something else done while waiting for my flight, I would certainly choose the lounge as my “office.”

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