Lounge Review: Air China Business Class Lounge (Terminal 3E) at Beijing Capital

Lounge Review: Air China Business Class Lounge (Terminal 3E) at Beijing Capital

Air China operates several first and business class lounges at Beijing airport, especially at the airport’s terminal 3. During my recent layover there, between some plane spotting in the terminal, I briefly visited the Air China Business Class Lounge in Terminal 3E.

The lounge, located on a raised platform above the main departure level in the central part of the terminal, above some of the duty-free stores, could be accessed by a set of escalators and an elevator.

Besides being accessible to passengers traveling in business class or holding status with Star Alliance, it can also be accessed by Priority Pass members.

Beijing Capital Airport

Beijing airport.
Escalators Leading to Air China Business Class Lounge at Beijing Terminal 3

Escalators leading to the Air China lounge.

Lounge Overview

The lounge’s reception area, besides the actual reception desk, also included an automated kiosk where one could get the (highly censored) wi-fi’s access details, as well as luggage lockers.

Air China Business Class Lounge Beijing Terminal 3E Entrance

Baggage Lockers in Air China Lounge


Then, near the lounge’s entrance, there were also some reading materials, as well as fully enclosed sleeping rooms. And, there was a light buffet which was separate from the main buffet located further in the lounge.

Air China Lounge Sleeping Rooms

Sleeping rooms.
Reading Materials in Air China Lounge at PEK

Reading materials.
Buffet in Air China Business Class Lounge

Snack area.

The rest of the lounge was made up of a variety of seating areas mainly with typical sofa chairs arranged around coffee tables as well as along some of the lounge’s walls.

Air China Business Class Lounge Terminal 3E at Beijing Capital

Overview of one of the seating areas.

Sofa chairs.

Seating along a wall.

Separate “quiet” seating room.

Separately from that, there was the dining area with some dining tables and the main buffet, as well as a self-service bar.

Here, I will also note that the Air China Business Class Lounge offered decent views of the apron as well.

Dining Area

Dining area.
Dining Area

Hallway leading to the buffet area.
Air China Business Class Lounge Dining Area

Dining tables.


Food and Drinks Selection

As for drinks, besides the liquor (and other drinks) offered at the bar, there were plenty of soft drinks both hot and cold (as well as beer) in the two buffet areas.

Soft Drinks in Air China Lounge at Beijing Capital Airport



Canned Soft Drinks and Beer

Soft drinks and beer.

Similarly, the food offered in the Air China Business Class Lounge was spread across the two buffet areas, one near the lounge’s entrance and another, more substantial one, in the back of the lounge.

From the lighter buffet, one could get items such as packaged cakes and snacks, cupcakes, fruits, sandwiches, and yogurts.

Packaged Cakes

Packaged cakes.

Packaged Snacks

Packaged snacks.

Sandwiches, yogurts, drinks.

The main buffet offered a wider range of bites to eat starting from whole foods, cereals, and bread.

Fruits in Air China Lounge




Then, since I visited during breakfast time, there were things such as scrambled and boiled eggs, sausages, and meat patties.

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs.
Breakfast in the Air China Business Class Lounge in Beijing airport Terminal 3E


Spicy cabbage.
Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs.

Finally, there were some buns and porridge.




While the selection of items offered was decent, the food didn’t look especially appetizing. Although, to be fair, I didn’t try any of the items from the main buffet and instead only had some cut fruits from the snack area.

Air China Business Class Lounge Beijing Terminal 3E Summary

Overall, the lounge provided a comfortable enough place for me to relax for an hour or two before it became bright enough outside for plane spotting. At the same time, though, I would not go out of my way to be able to spend time in the lounge. Especially given its lack of any sort of business center or work space.

Perhaps the best thing about the lounge is that besides the usual access criteria of either status or business class ticket, the lounge can also be accessed using Priority Pass.

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