Lounge Review: Air France Salon Terminal 2E Concourse M at Paris Charles de Gaulle

Lounge Review: Air France Salon Terminal 2E Concourse M at Paris Charles de Gaulle


After arriving at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport from Budapest – and a fairly time consuming immigration and transfer to Terminal 2E – I headed to the Air France Salon lounge in Concourse M.

The lounge is located in the central part of the terminal, and is well signposted. I was able to access it thanks to my Delta Gold Medallion status which comes as a perk with my Japanese Delta AMEX Gold card.

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Paris CDG Terminal 2E Concourse M

Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport Terminal 2E Concourse M.
Paris CDG Terminal 2E Concourse M

Overview of the terminal.

The entrance into the Air France lounge in Terminal 2E Concourse M was sandwiched between a Dior and an Hermes store giving it a bit of an exclusive feeling. Right past the entrance was a hallway leading to the reception. Besides the reception desk, there was also a showcase with some Air France goods for sale.

Air France Salon CDG Terminal 2E Concourse M Entrance

Entrance to the Air France Lounge.
Air France Lounge Reception

Air France Goods for Sale

Air France items for sale.

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Lounge Overview

Right past the reception, there was a map of the lounge detailing all its areas.

Air France Salon Lounge Terminal 2E Concourse M Map

Map of the Air France Salon lounge at Paris CDG Terminal 2E Concourse M.

To the right of it, there was an Air France customer service center where changes to tickets, and so on could be made – at least I guess so given that there was not a single person there during my visit.

Air France Customer Service Center

The deserted customer service center.

The center of the lounge was made up of three large seating areas mostly consisting of leather sofa chairs in a variety of arrangements.

Air France Salon Terminal 2E M Seating

One of the main seating areas.
Air France Salon Terminal 2E M Seating

And another.
Air France Salon Terminal 2E M Seating

The main seating areas were comfortable and spacious.

Separately, there was another seating area with a kids’ space in it – including PlayStations and children-sized chairs and tables. Across from it was a working area with a communal desk that featured seven seats.

Air France espace Kids

Kids’ space.
Air France Lounge Working Area

Working area – notice the communal desk behind the pair of green seats.
Power Outlets

There were plenty of power outlets.
Air France Salon Terminal 2E M Seating

Seating area next to the work space.

Going back to the very left side of the lounge, there was a dining area with dining tables and chairs as well as some counters. And, of course, the buffet – which I will write more about further down.

Air France Lounge Paris Terminal 2E Dining Area

Dining room.

Part of the buffet area.
Dining Area

Counters in the dining area.

Starting at the dining area and ending all the way on the other end of the lounge, there were floor-to-ceiling windows that offered views of some of the taxiways. Along the windows, there were several seating areas ideal for those that like to do some plane spotting while waiting for a flight.

Seating Along Windows

Pairs of seats along the windows.
Living Room Seating

A living room like arrangement in one of the corners…
Seating with Apron View

…and in the other corner.
Seating Along the Windows

More seating along the window.
View Out of the Air France Lounge

A view of the taxiway.

On the very right side of the lounge, there was a snack area that was more or less a “lite” version of the dining area on the other end, as well as a sleeping area with several daybeds and sleeping chairs.

Air France Lounge Snack Area

Snack area.
Air France Lounge Sleeping Area

Sleeping area.

In addition to all of the above, there were also some magazine racks throughout the lounge and a private seating area at the very end of it. I wonder who uses it given that I would guess that the VVIPs use the first class lounge instead…

Reading Materials

Reading materials.
Private Seating Area

Private seating area.

The last thing I will mention here is the Clarins spa that offers free treatments to the visitors. And, while I didn’t get one of those, I took a quick shower in one of the adjacent shower rooms stocked with Clarins amenities.

Clarins Spa

Clarins spa.
Shower Room

Shower room.
Clarins Amenities

Clarins amenities.
Other Amenities

Other items provided in the shower room.

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Food and Drinks Selection

All of the food and drinks in the lounge could be found in the snack and the dining areas. I won’t separate the below by the areas since more or less everything that could be found in the snack area was also available in the main dining area.

As for drinks, there were canned soft drinks and beer, as well as bottled water and tomato juice. There was also a Tropicana dispenser with orange and apple juices.

Air France Salon Paris CDG Soft Drinks

Soft drinks and beer.
Tropicana Juices

Tropicana juices.

Then, there was a nicely presented selection of liquor and wine, as well as a coffee machine and a selection of teas.

Air France Salon Alcohol

Liquor “in the clouds.”
Air France Lounge Wine

Wine selection.
Air France Lounge Coffee

Coffee and tea.

As for the food, given that I was there from fairly early in the morning until early afternoon, I had the chance to see both the breakfast and lunch offerings.

During breakfast time, there were some cold cuts, scrambled eggs, yoghurts and fruits, and a selection of breads.

Cold Cuts

Cold cuts.
Air France Lounge Breakfast

Scrambled eggs.
Fruits and Yoghurts

Fruits and yoghurts.

Bread and fruits.

Later in the day, there was a nice selection of cold items including salads and vegetables, as well as gazpacho soup.


Cold items.

Gazpacho Soup

Gazpacho soup.

There were also some hot dishes including chicken, cod steak, and mushroom risotto.

Air France Lounge Lunch

Cod Steak

Cod steak.

Finally, there were some desserts including apple pie and cheese cake.

Apple Pie

Apple pie.

More sweets.
Cheese Cake

Cheese cake.

Throughout the day, there were also some packaged snacks such as potato chips.

Packaged Snacks

Packaged snacks.

Air France Lounge Paris CDG T2E Concourse M Summary

Overall, I was quite impressed with the design and layout of the Air France in Paris Charles de Gaulle airport’s Terminal 2E Concourse M. The lounge did not feel crowded in the morning or later in the day, and there were plenty of seating options.

For people that fancy such things, the free Clarins treatment is a nice added bonus.

As for the food, while the scrambled eggs were not good at all, the mushroom risotto during lunchtime made up for it.

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My Breakfast

My breakfast.
My Lunch

My lunch – the risotto was great.

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