Lounge Review: Airport Lounge Terminal 2 South Pier at Tokyo Haneda

Lounge Review: Airport Lounge Terminal 2 South Pier at Tokyo Haneda

Before taking an ANA flight from Haneda to Nagoya to position myself for AirAsia Japan’s inaugural flight, I briefly visited Airport Lounge in the south pier of terminal 2.

The lounge is located between gates 65 and 66, and it is open between 6AM and 8PM. It can be accessed using a variety of (mostly Japanese) credit cards free of charge, or by paying 1,080 yen (about 10 dollars).

Airport Lounge Terminal 2 South Pier Entrance Tokyo Haneda

Airport Lounge Haneda Airport Terminal 2 South Pier entrance.
Airport Lounge Terminal 2 South Pier Opening Hours and Access

Opening hours and access policy.

Lounge Overview

Right after entering the lounge, along the wall, there was a couple of phone booths as well as a magazine rack with (solely) Japanese reading materials.

Phone Booths

Phone booths.
Reading Materials

Reading materials.

Along another wall, there was a counter with drinks. And, there was also an entrance into the restrooms – which, while simple, were impeccably clean.

Airport Lounge Terminal 2 South Pier Drinks Counter

Drink counter.


Finally, there was the seating consisting of a couple of communal tables, as well as some sofa chairs on the further end of the lounge. Besides that, there was also a counter facing the apron and one of the runways.

On a side note, throughout the seating area, there was plenty of power outlets.


Overview of the seating area.
Communal Tables

The lounge was crowded during my visit.
Communal Tables

Communal tables and counter with apron views.
Sofa Area

Area with sofa chairs in the back of the lounge.

Food and Drinks Selection

The food and drinks selection in the lounge – like in most of the other Japanese credit card lounges – was very simple.

In fact, there were no bites to eat – except for paid snacks – during my visit in the evening. (However, later on, when I visited the lounge before a morning flight, there were some free donuts and pastries.)

As for drinks, there was the obligatory coffee machine as well as a selection of tea.

On the cold side, there was a soda machine, as well as a selection of juices.

Coffee Machine

Coffee and tea.
Soda Dispenser

Soda machine, milk, and water.

Juices, isotonic drink, and ice tea and coffee.

Alcoholic drinks were offered in the lounge as well, however, they came at a separate charge as per the below menu.


Menu of paid drinks and snacks.

Tokyo Haneda Terminal 2 South Pier Airport Lounge Summary

Given the relatively comfortable airside areas of Haneda airport’s terminal 2 – and especially the lack of any sort of amenities other than seating and simple selection of drinks – the lounge is not worth a visit if you have to pay for access.

Even if for some reason you can access the lounge for free, it is still nothing to arrive at the airport early for.

And, while it might be useful for grabbing a cup of coffee or orange juice before a flight, it is not ideal for relaxing given that it seems to get crowded very easily.

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