Lounge Review: Allways Lounge at Delhi Indira Gandhi International

Lounge Review: Allways Lounge at Delhi Indira Gandhi International

While making my way to Europe for Christmas back in December 2017, I visited two lounges at Delhi airport before taking a KLM flight to Amsterdam.

First, I went to the ITC Hotels Green Lounge which is part of the Priority Pass network. Then I went to Allways Lounge where I was invited thanks to my Sky Team Elite Plus status. The latter is operated by Plaza Premium and is located in Lounges B area.

Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport

Christmas mood at Delhi airport.
Signs Pointing to Lounges

Allways Lounge was located in the “Lounges B” area.

The Allways Lounge is located above the main departures level and can be accessed by an elevator that can be found next to the terminal’s WHSmith store. It is located near the Lufthansa Lounge and Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge that Hirofumi reviewed as part of his round-the-world trip report.

Allways Lounge Delhi Entrance

Entrance to the lounge was located above the main departures level.
Delhi Airport Lounges B

Lounges B.
Allways Lounge Delhi

Allways Lounge Delhi airport.

Lounge Overview

Given that I visited the lounge in late December, there was a Christmas tree right after the reception.

Allways Lounge Delhi Christmas Tree

Christmas tree inside the lounge.

The Christmas tree was in the main part of the lounge which consisted of a seating area in the middle, a buffet spread to the left of it, and a bar to the right of it.

Allways Lounge Delhi Seating

Allways Lounge’s main seating area.
Allways Lounge Delhi Buffet

Buffet counter.
Allways Lounge Delhi Bar


Then, along the wall to the right of the lounge’s entrance, there was a magazine rack, as well as the entrance to another seating area with five groups of four chairs.

Given that the main seating was quite full during my visit, I settled in this second – smaller – seating area.

Reading Materials

Reading materials.
Seating Area

Smaller seating area.

Finally, on the opposite side of the lounge, there were the entrances to restrooms and showers, another – even smaller – seating area, a reserved seating area, and a kids’ space.

Showers, Seating Area, Etc.

Restrooms, showers, etc.
Reserved Seating Area

Reserved seating area.
Kids' Room

Kids’ room.

As I was between two long-haul flights, I also took a shower in the lounge. After leaving my boarding pass at the reception, I was told the number of shower room (one) assigned to me.

The shower room was simple but clean. While it featured both regular and rainforest shower heads, the switch wasn’t working. The one downside of the shower room was that there was no luggage rack beside the one below the sink which didn’t offer much space.

Allways Lounge Delhi Shower




In terms of amenities, shampoo, conditioner, and body soap were provided. And so were things like a dental kit, a shaving kit, a comb, etc.

Allways Lounge Delhi Shower Amenities


Food and Drinks Selection

Except for alcoholic drinks which could be had at the bar, all of the drinks and food were located in the buffet area.

Buffet Counter

Buffet spread.

As for soft drinks, there was a coffee machine, as well as a selection of canned and bottled sodas.

Allways Lounge Delhi Soft Drinks

Soft drinks.

As for food, there were hot mains such as chili garlic fried rice and Sichuan-style chicken, as well as warm pastries, etc.

Allways Lounge Delhi Meals

Hot meals.
Warm Pastries

Warm pastries, etc.


And, there were also some lighter items such as nachos, salads, fruits, sandwiches, etc.


Nachos, cookies, etc.

Salads, fruits, yoghurts, etc.
Desserts, Salads, Etc.

Sandwiches, desserts, etc.

Allways Lounge Delhi Summary

While the lounge didn’t offer the most extensive selection of meals or drinks, it was still more than enough for a late night visit like mine. However, I would certainly have appreciated if the lounge had some more seats available and if they were laid out in a way that provided a bit more privacy.

Other than that, though, the lounge was perfectly fine. And, I certainly appreciated that they made boarding announcements which made it easy to decide when to head to the departure gate.

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