Lounge Review: ANA Lounge Terminal 1 Satellite 4 at Tokyo Narita (2017)

Lounge Review: ANA Lounge Terminal 1 Satellite 4 at Tokyo Narita

Contributed by Hirofumi Suda
Contributed by Hirofumi Suda
Hirofumi is a Japanese aviation enthusiast based in Delhi, India. Besides finding joy in trying out as many airline products as possible, he is also running a travel agency focused on providing tours within India especially to the Himalayas. If you happen to read Japanese, also make sure to check his personal blog here.

ANA operates two lounges at Tokyo Narita airport’s terminal 1. While transiting there as part of my Singapore Airlines flight from Singapore to Los Angeles, I had a chance to visit the one located in Satellite 4 of the terminal.

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ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Entrance

ANA Lounge inside Tokyo Narita Terminal 1 Satellite 4.
ANA R2D2 Jet Model Signed by Star Wars Stars

R2D2 Jet model signed by the stars of Star Wars.

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Lounge Overview

Overall, I thought the lounge was simple, yet elegant style.

Apart from the main seating area, there was a separate dining area. There was also a noodle bar, as well as a sake bar.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Seating

Overview of the ANA Lounge.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Dining Area

Dining area.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Buffet Area

Buffet area.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Noodle Bar

Noodle bar.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Sake Bar

Sake bar.

The lounge also offered showers – which I was hoping to take advantage of since by the time I visited the lounge, I was on the road for almost 24 hours.

Luckily, there was no waiting time, and so I was able to take a shower in spite of my short one-hour transit.

The shower room was meticulously cleaned, water pressure was excellent, and the amenities provided were beyond my expectation.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Shower

Shower room.

Besides the usual shampoo, conditioner and body soap, there were also packets of skin lotion, face wash cream, emulsion and cleansing oil. All of the amenities were made by Shiseido which is considered a premium cosmetics brand in Japan. Separately, a pair of slippers was also provided.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Shower Amenities


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Food & Drinks Selection

As for the food, there was a variety of of salads, sandwiches, and onigiris (Japanese rice balls).

There was also rolled sushi, inarizushi (sushi rice in deep fried tofu pouch), and a selection of hot meals including fried noodles and mapo tofu.

Finally, for dessert, there were Lindt chocolates and almond jelly.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Food

Sandwiches and salads.
Onigiris and Sushi

Rice balls and sushi.

Lindt chocolate.

Besides the buffet, there was a noodle bar with an a la carte selection of dishes including soba and udon noodles, ramen, and ANA’s original chicken curry rice.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Noodle Bar Menu

Noodle bar menu.

As for the drinks, there were various types of fresh juice as well as soft drinks from a soda machine.

On the alcoholic side, there were automatic draught beer dispensers (that Japanese lounges are famous for), as well as various types of Western and Japanese liquors and wines.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Alcoholic Drinks

Liquor selection.
ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Wine


Furthermore, at the sake bar, one could also do sake tastings since there were sakes from different Japanese regions – each with its own unique taste.

Overall, I found the selection of food and drinks at the ANA Lounge to be quite good.

To begin with, I had kakiage soba (mixed tempura with buckwheat noodles) from the noodle bar.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Soba Noodles

Kakiage soba noodles.

For my second plate, I had salad which was really fresh, fried noodles cooked al dente, mapo tofu, a sushi roll, almond jelly, and apple soda.

Second Plate

My second round.

ANA Lounge Tokyo Narita Terminal 1 Satellite 4 Summary

All in all, I rate ANA Lounge as one of the top three business class lounges among the ones that I visited so far – along with Turkish Airlines lounge in Istanbul and Oman Air Lounge in Muscat.

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The staff was very polite and friendly, the shower facilities and amenities were excellent, the food and drinks were tasty, and the lounge itself was beautifully designed.

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