Lounge Review: Asiana Lounge (International Terminal) at Busan Gimhae

Lounge Review: Asiana Lounge (International Terminal) at Busan Gimhae

My last stop in Korea after Seoul and Jeju was Busan. I only had a couple of hours of transfer time there, though, and so I headed to check in for my flight back to Tokyo right after my arrival from Jeju.

Once airside, I had a chance to visit the three Priority Pass lounges the airport’s international terminal offers. Here’s a look at the first one of them – Asiana Lounge.

The lounge is located airside, one floor above the main departures level of Busan’s international terminal.

Busan Airport International Terminal

Stairs leading to the lounge.
Asiana Lounge Busan International Terminal Entrance

Entrance into Asiana Lounge in Busan’s international terminal.

Lounge Overview

Just like the other two (domestic) Asiana lounges I visited on this trip – at Seoul Gimpo and Jeju airports – this one consisted of a single room with about 40 or 50 sofa chairs. Unlike the other two lounges which had some nice decorations, this one was totally uninteresting.

Asiana Lounge Busan Overview

Overview of the lounge.

The lounge featured one type of sofa chair.

There were some chairs in groups of four as well.
Asiana Lounge Busan

Most seats faced the TV.

While the sofa seating took by far the majority of the lounge, there was also a business center with three laptops in one of the corners.

Asiana Lounge Busan Business Center

Business center.

And, there was a drink and snacks corner as well.

Asiana Lounge Busan Drinks and Snacks Corner

Drinks and snacks area.

Food and Drinks Selection

Just like the lounge itself, the refreshments selection was quite similar to the two domestic lounges as well.

As for food, there were some packaged snacks, sandwiches, and nuts.


Bread, nuts, candies.

Packaged snacks.

As for drinks, there was a selection of canned (and bottled) soft drinks. There was also the usual coffee machine and a selection of teas.

Asiana Lounge Busan Soft Drinks

Drinks and sandwiches.
Canned Drinks

Soft drinks.

Coffee maker.

Tea selection.

Finally, there were some alcoholic beverages – red and white wine, and two kinds of whisky. That was virtually the only difference from the lounge’s domestic version.

Asiana Lounge Busan Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol selection.
Asiana Model

Asiana Airlines model aircraft.

Asiana Lounge Busan International Terminal Summary

The lounge is nothing to rave about, and it is only marginally better than what the airline offers for domestic passengers at Seoul Gimpo and Jeju. That is understandable, however, given that Asiana Airlines operates only fairly short flights out of Busan.

If you only have access to this lounge, you should plan to spend as little time in the lounge as possible. On the other hand, if you have Priority Pass, there are better options at the airport than the Asiana Lounge.

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