Lounge Review: Borobudur Lounge at Yogyakarta Adisutjipto

Lounge Review: Borobudur Lounge at Yogyakarta Adisutjipto

After being dropped of at the Yogyakarta domestic terminal by my guide and checking in for my flight back to Jakarta, I headed airside. As I had plenty of time, I visited Borobudur Lounge which belongs to the Priority Pass network.

The entrance to the lounge is located at the very end of the airside waiting area of the domestic terminal and is very easy to find.

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Borobudur Lounge Yogyakarta Entrance

Borobudur Lounge entrance.

As mentioned above, it is accessible to Priority Pass members among others. You can also enter the lounge by paying 75,000 IDR (about 6 USD).


Memberships giving access to the lounge.

Paid access for 75,000 IDR.

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Lounge Overview

Borobudur Lounge is divided into two large rooms – one to the left and one to the right of the reception.

The one to the right of the reception is a seating area with a TV and some chairs arranged around coffee tables. The entrance to the restroom is also located in this part of the lounge.

Borobudur Lounge Seating Area

Seating area to the right of the reception.
Seating Area

More of the seating area…
Seating Area

Notice the model of Borobudur Temple in the corner.

The area to the left of the reception contains similar seating as the area above. It is divided into two by the buffet counter which houses the drinks on one side and food on the other side. There is also a small “business center” with two computers.

Seating Area

Reception and the seating area to the left of it.

Seating Area

Drinks corner and seating area next to it.

Some of the chairs were quite dirty.


This area, unlike the first one, also offers some limited apron views.

Apron View

Apron view.

A lizard walking on the window.

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Food & Drinks Selection

For being a domestic lounge, Borobudur Lounge offers a decent food selection.

At the time of my visit – towards the end of the day – there were some light snacks.


Jajan pasar – Indonesian snacks.

Prawn crackers.

Fried fish.

Besides the snacks, there were also some hot dishes. Of course, one of them was nasi goreng – Indonesian fried rice.

Nasi Goreng

Nasi goreng.

Hot Meals

Some more hot dishes.

While there was a variety of food, the drink selection was a bit limited. There was a tea and coffee corner, water, and an Indonesian tea in glass bottles.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee.

Teh botol – sweetened jasmin tea.


Borobudur Lounge Yogyakarta Summary

While the furniture of Borobudur Lounge was a bit outdated and even a bit dirty in some cases, the lounge offers a great place to wait for a flight. This is especially valuable since the airside area is quite small and can get crowded.

Furthermore, the food selection was quite decent – especially given that most people waiting there only have an hour or so of flight time ahead of them. Combined with the cheap paid entrance of about 6 dollars, if you have an hour or two to wait in the terminal, Borobudur Lounge is worth considering even if you do not have Priority Pass membership.

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My Selection

My pre-flight snack.

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