Lounge Review: British Airways Galleries Club Lounge at New York JFK

Lounge Review: British Airways Galleries Club Lounge at New York JFK

While my Qatar Airways QSuites flight arrived at JFK’s terminal 8, my return flight to Doha departed from terminal 7. As such, after checking in, I was instructed to visit the British Airways Galleries Club Lounge.

The lounge was located right after security, a (broken) escalator “ride” or an elevator ride up from the main departures level.

British Airways Galleries Lounge at New York JFK

British Airways Galleries Lounge.
Broken Escalator

The broken escalator leading to the lounge.
British Airways Lounge JFK Reception

Entrance into the British Airways lounge.

Lounge Overview

The lounge itself was located to the right of the reception desk.

Just past the reception desk, there was a room for storing baggage. There was also a mobile phone charging station and a selection of reading materials.

British Airways Lounge JFK Reception

Luggage Storage

Luggage storage.
British Airways Galleries Lounge Reading Materials

Reading materials and charging station.

Then, there was a fairly large seating area consisting of rows of sofa chairs placed around coffee tables.

British Airways Lounge JFK Seating

The first seating area.
British Airways Galleries Lounge Seating

Rows of sofa chairs.

…and some more.

At the very end of that seating area, there was a children’s room and an Elemis Travel Spa – although that one was closed during my visit.

British Airways Lounge JFK Kids Space

Kids’ space.
Elemis Travel Spa in British Airways Galleries Lounge JFK

Elemis Travel Spa.

The first large seating area was connected with another large seating area with a hallway that had the (breakfast) buffet on one side and a pair of communal tables with uncomfortable plastic chairs on the other. The restrooms were also in this area.


Hallway connecting the two seating areas.


Tables with uncomfortable chairs.

Finally, the second seating area was made up of sofa chairs, dining tables and chairs, as well as high-top tables and bar chairs. All of those could be found around a fountain that decorated the center of this part of the lounge.

British Airways Lounge JFK Bar Area

Bar area.
Lounge Seating

The second seating area.
Sofa Chairs

There was plenty of seats but not many power outlets.

Seating in the Pub Area

Seating near the pub area.
British Airways Lounge JFK Seating

Seating around the fountain.

And, the area also featured a self-service bar, a “Pub,” and a pre-flight dining area – although the last of those was reserved for British Airways passengers.

British Airways Lounge JFK Pub

The Pub.

The self-service bar.
Pre-Flight Supper at British Airways Lounge in London

Pre-flight supper.

Food and Drinks Selection

Both the buffet area as well as the bar area had refrigerators with canned soda. And, in the buffet area there was also (Twinings) tea and coffee. A selection of juices including apple, orange, grapefruit, and cranberry could be found in the “Pub.”

British Airways Lounge JFK Drinks

Soft drinks.


As for alcoholic drinks, there was a fairly extensive selection of liquors in the bar area. There was also a selection of wine and bottled beer. More kinds of beer – including a pair on tap – could be found in the “Pub.”

British Airways Galleries Lounge Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks.

Water and Champagne

Champagne, water, and wine.
Bottle Beer in British Airways Lounge in New York

Bottled beer.
Beer on Tap

Beer on tap.

Given that I visited early in the morning, the buffet was stocked with breakfast items. There was an oatmeal station, and there was a selection of pastries, etc. Besides that, there were some cereals, a fruit salad, and both plain and vanilla yogurts. Finally, there were whole fruits.



Yogurts and fruit salad.
British Airways Galleries Lounge Breakfast

Packaged Snacks

Packaged snacks.
Japanese Soups

Japanese soups.
British Airways Galleries Lounge Breakfast

Bagels and pastries.

British Airways Galleries Club Lounge New York JFK Summary

When I arrived at the lounge shortly after 7AM, the lounge was more or less empty, and it stayed so until I left it about two hours later. I am not sure how the lounge gets later in the day, however, it seemed spacey enough to be able to manage even during busier times of the day.

As for refreshments, the drink selection was decent. At the same time, though, the breakfast buffet left a bit to be desired. While I didn’t expect anything mind-blowing, I thought they would at least have omelettes or something similar on offer.

While in my case, that was not a problem as I was keeping myself hungry for the 12-hour dine-on-demand flight to Doha, some might find that disappointing.

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