Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific “The Pier, First” at Hong Kong International

Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific "The Pier, First" at Hong Kong International

After visiting both “The Wing, Business” and “The Wing, First” lounges on my Cathay Pacific first class trip, I headed to “The Pier, First.” The lounge is located near gates 63 and 64, and is located one floor below the main departures level.

Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong airport terminal.
Hong Kong

Sign pointing to “The Pier, First” lounge.
Cathay Pacific Pier First Lounge Entrance

Entrance to the lounge.


It is accessible to Cathay Pacific (and other oneworld) first class passengers, as well as oneworld Emerald members.

Lounge Overview

Once I had my boarding pass checked, I stepped into the lounge’s hallway. It was beautifully designed, and it connected all the different parts of the lounge that I will go on to describe below.

Cathay Pacific Pier First Hallway

Hallway of “The Pier, First” lounge – beautiful!

A sofa in the hallway.

One more view of the hallway.

After turning left at the entrance and going all the way to the end of the hall, there was the “Pantry” on the left side. In there, one could get drinks as well as quick bites to eat – but more on that further in the review.

The Pantry at Cathay Pacific The Pier First

“The Pantry.”

If one went straight at the very end of the hallway, one would get to the bar area. Besides the horseshoe-shaped bar counter itself, the area also featured plenty of other seating.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Bar

Entrance into the bar area.
Cathay Pacific The Pier First Bar

The bar area featured a variety of seating.
Cathay Pacific The Pier First Bar

The horseshoe-shaped bar.
Cathay Pacific The Pier First Bar

More seating in the bar area.
Cathay Pacific The Pier First Bar

…and some more.

Finally, across from the “Pantry” was the main seating area of the lounge. This area offered sofas and sofa chairs in a variety of arrangements, as well as a cart with some wine. Furthermore, the area also offered view of the apron.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Main Seating Area

One of the entrances into the main seating area.
Seating Area

A more “typical lounge-like” seating arrangement.
Seating Area

Living room-like seating.
Main Seating Area of Cathay Pacific Pier First Lounge

Cart with wine.
View out of Cathay Pacific The Pier First

View out of the lounge.
Cathay Pacific The Pier First Seating

One last view of the main seating area.

Another way to get into the main seating area was through “Library” – a small area with a bookshelf and a bench.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Library

Library Seating

Bench in the library.
Library Reading Materials

Some of the shelves with reading materials.

Going back towards the other side of the hallway, there were more areas including the “Bureau,” the “Retreat,” the restthe “Dining Room,” and the rest rooms.

The “Bureau” was made out of six semi-private work spaces. Each of them had an iMac, a phone, and a lamp – as well as power outlets. In spite of that, the desk was large enough for one to work on own laptop.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Bureau

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Work Desk

One of the workstations.
Cathay Pacific The Pier First Business Center

There were six workstations in total.

The “Retreat” was where one would go to relax. Three things could be found there – day suites, showers, and massages.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First The Retreat


Each of the half-a-dozen or so day suites had an apron view on one side and a curtain on the other. Inside, there was a day bed as well as a reading light and power outlets. As such, it makes for a nice place to relax in in privacy before one’s flight.

Day Suites at Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge

Hallway with day suites.
Cathay Pacific The Pier First Day Suite

One of the day suites.

Panel with switches and power outlets.

View out of my day suite.

As for the showers, I didn’t use them – but, I had a brief look into one of the ten or so shower rooms.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Showers

Hallway with showers.


Counter with sink.

At the “Retreat,” one could also sign up for a complimentary massage. Unfortunately, when I tried to do so, the earliest time slot available was for after my departure – as such, I suggest you book yourself as soon as you get into the lounge.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Complimentary Treatment Menu

Massage and amenities menu.

The restrooms – or “Washrooms” – were right across the hallway from the “Retreat.” And, just like the rest of the lounge, they were very nicely designed.



Sinks in the restrooms.

Finally, going back into the hallway and to the very end of it – there was the “Dining Room” – a sit-down restaurant. Naturally, it mainly consisted of dining tables. But, there was also a bar with some counter-height chairs.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Dining Room

“Dining Room.”
Dining Room Bar

Bar in the dining room.
Cathay Pacific The Pier First Dining Room

Overview of the “Dining Room.”

Food and Drinks Selection

The food and drinks in the lounge were mostly concentrated in the “Pantry,” the bar, and the “Dining Room.”

That said, there were some bottles of wine as well as pralines and dried apricots in the main seating area.

Wine Cart

Detail of the wine cart.

For a more extensive selection of wines, as well as other alcoholic drinks and cocktails, one could go to the bar. Of course, they also served tea, coffee, and other soft drinks at there.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Bar Menu

Bar menu.

Just like during my visit to Cathay’s lounge in Bangkok, I went for the signature Cathay Delight. Interestingly, though, while the one in Bangkok was based on a fresh apple, in Hong Kong the drink was pre-made with a kiwi base.

While I believe the kiwi based drink is the “original” Cathay Delight, I preferred the one in Bangkok. That said, the mocktail was still excellent.

Cathay Delight

Cathay Delight.

As for food, one could get a la carte meals at the “Dining Room.” Since I visited early in the morning, they had the breakfast menu out. I believe the lunch and dinner menus are more extensive, so I hope to visit the lounge again soon during “better” time of the day.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First Dining Room Menu

Dining room menu.

Since I had a full English breakfast at “The Wing, First” not even an hour before visiting this lounge, I only opted to have a bowl of fruits.


Fruit bowl.

The final place where one could get some bites to eat as well as some drinks was the “Pantry.” This was a self-service buffet area.

Cathay Pacific The Pier First The Pantry


During my visit, it mostly consisted of breakfast items – including toasts, pastries, cereals, fresh fruits and cheese – laid out on a table in the middle of the room as well as on a counter next to it.


Bread, butter, jams.

Dried Fruits

Dried fruits, granola bars, etc.

Cheese, etc.

Pie, cakes, fruits, pastries, etc..

Separately, there were cups with salads and appetizers in one of the two fridges in the “Pantry.” There were also some yoghurts.



Appetizers and yoghurts.

In the other fridge, there were five brands of canned beer, as well as a selection of soda and juice.


Beer and some soft drinks.

Soft drinks.

Finally, on a counter next to the two fridges, one could find Tsing Tao beer on tap, a water dispenser, as well as the obligatory coffee machine and tea. The tea was the same JING brand as served onboard Cathay’s first.



Tsing Tao beer.


JING tea.

Cathay Pacific “The Pier, First” Lounge Hong Kong Summary

Overall, this is by far the best lounge I have visited to date. Now, to put that into context, it is also only the second first class I had the chance to visit so far – with the first one being “The Wing, First” that I visited just before visiting this one.

I appreciated how no two seating area were the same, making the lounge feel more like a luxury home rather than a lounge. The food selection – and presentation of food in “Pantry” – was also great.

The only unfortunate thing was that I did not manage to try one of the free treatments. But, that is more “fault” of my short stay than of the lounge itself.

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