Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific “The Wing, First” at Hong Kong International

Lounge Review: Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" at Hong Kong International

After a brief visit to “The Wing, Business,” it was time to make my way to first of the two Cathay Pacific first class lounges at Hong Kong airport – “The Wing, First.”

The lounge is located to the right of the upper level reception of the two “The Wing” lounges. Since the business and first class lounges are right next to each other, it is easy for first class passengers to access “The Noodle Bar” and other features that cannot be found in the first class part of the lounge.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" Entrance

FIDS and magazines near entrance.

Signs pointing to business class lounge facilities.

Anyways, let’s take a look into the first class lounge.

Lounge Overview

Right past the reception, there was a cafe-like area with a counter overlooking the apron, as well as with individual and communal tables. There was also a counter where one could get drinks as well as light meals. But, more on that later.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" Seating

“Cafe” area.

…and another view.
Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" Buffet

Counters with drinks and food.
Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" Apron View

View from the lounge – taken at the end of my stay.

Heading further down the lounge, there were areas such as a bar, a restaurant, and so on.


Signs pointing to a variety of “The Wing, First” lounge’s facilities.

First of those was “The Haven Bar” which – besides the bar counter also featured plenty of comfortable sofa chairs and Cathay Solus Chairs.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" The Haven Bar

“The Haven Bar.”
Bar Area Seating

Seating in the bar area.
Bar Area Seating

Seating in the bar area mainly consisted of sofa chairs.
Bar Area Seating

Overview of “The Haven Bar” area.

Right behind the bar area was a small library-like area with a selection of reading materials and four Cathay Solus Chairs.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" Library

Library-like space with Cathay Solus Chairs.

Then, there was a champagne bar with massive elegant leather sofa chairs and a selection of three bottles.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" Champagne Bar

Champagne bar.
Champagne Bar

The area featured elegant massive sofa chairs.
Champagne Selection

Choice of Champagne.

And, there was a small IT area with a couple of iMacs and printers.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" IT Area

Work area featuring computers and printers.
IT Area

…and one more look.

The lounge, of course, also featured shower suites.

Shower Hallway

Hallway with showers.
Shower Amenities

Amenities available upon request.

However, what made the lounge really unique were “Cabanas” which resembled a hotel room more than a shower room.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" Cabana

One of the “Cabanas.”

The centerpiece of the “Cabana” was a bathtub. Besides that, there were also three kinds of showers, a counter, a sink, and a daybed. It was also well stocked with amenities, towels, and so on.


Each “Cabana” featured three showers as well as a bathtub.

Mat, bathrobe and slippers.

Counter with sink.


More amenities.



The last area remaining to be introduced is “The Haven.” That’s a sit-down restaurant with an a la carte selection of meals as well as a buffet. During my visit, the breakfast selection was on offer – as you will be able to see in the next section of this review.

Cathay Pacific "The Wing, First" The Haven Restaurant

“The Haven” restaurant entrance.

Seating at “The Haven.”
The Haven Restaurant Cathay

Overview of “The Haven” restaurant inside “The Wing, First” lounge.

Food and Drinks Selection

When it came to food, the main place where one could get a meal was “The Haven” – a sit-down restaurant. During my visit which took place shortly after the lounge’s opening, the breakfast menu was on offer.

The Haven Menu Cathay Wing First

“The Haven” breakfast menu.

I decided to have the full English breakfast which was excellent.

Cathay Pacific Lounge Full English Breakfast

Full English breakfast.

For drinks and lighter meals, one could go to the “cafe” near the lounge’s entrance. There, one could order a cup of coffee or tea, as well as get some soft drinks.


Coffee maker.

Coffee menu.

JING tea.
Tea Leaves

Tea leaves.
Soft Drinks

Soft drinks.

And, there were also breakfast items including bread, cheese, cereals, salads, and so on.


Cheese, etc..

Bread and oils.

Fruits and appetizers.


Olives, etc.

Cereals and cakes.



Finally, one could also get hot sandwiches there.

Hot Sandwiches

Hot sandwiches.

Besides the above, one could also get a drink at “The Haven Bar” or a glass of Champagne at the champagne bar.

Cathay Pacific “The Wing, First” Summary

Given that this was my first visit ever to a “true” first class lounge, there is not much I can complain about. And, while I liked the design and so on of the second “The Pier” lounge better, I found “The Wing” to be excellent as well.

Especially the “Cabanas” – being able to take a shower before a long flight is great. But, being able to take a bath takes it to a whole new level!

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