Lounge Review: Centrair Airline Lounge at Nagoya Centrair

Lounge Review: Centrair Airline Lounge at Nagoya Centrair

While Nagoya Centrair airport serves quite a few ANA and JAL domestic flights each day, neither of the two airlines operate a domestic lounge at the airport. Instead, they both use the Centrair Airline Lounge.

The lounge is located right after security check, and it’s accessible to passengers in premium classes of the two airlines as well as to Star Alliance (Gold) and oneworld (Sapphire and Emerald) status holders.

Nagoya Centrair Airport Domestic Terminal

Domestic section of Centrair airport.
Centrair Airline Lounge Entrance

Entrance into Centrair Airline Lounge.

Lounge Overview

Just past the lounge’s door was a reception desk where one of the two staff members scanned my boarding pass and checked my British Airways Silver digital card.

Centrair Airline Lounge Reception

Reception desk.

The lounge itself was as simple as Japanese lounges get.

In fact, in terms of its contents, it was no different than the credit card lounges that can be found at nearly all airports in Japan. And, its interior was way more bland than that of Premium Lounge Centrair, a similar lounge which is located landside and is accessible to various premium credit card holders.

Along the wall right after the reception area was a counter with some bar chairs.

Counter-Height Seating

Counter near the reception.

The main part of the lounge consisted of rows of bland sofa chairs divided with coffee tables. Similarly, there were sofa chairs along a counter in the rear part of the lounge.

Centrair Airline Lounge

Overview of the main part of the lounge.

Then, there was a “buffet area” containing drinks and (close to no) snacks. More about that in the next section.

Food and Drinks in Centrair Airline Lounge

“Buffet” area.

Finally, there were also screens with flight information and some Japanese reading materials.

Reading Materials

FIDS and reading materials.

Food and Drinks Selection

Just as with other domestic lounges in Japan including the airline operated ones, the refreshments offered in the Centrair Airline Lounge were quite poor.

There was a soft drink dispenser with orange and vegetable juices, as well as sodas. And, there was an alcoholic drink dispenser with Suntory Whisky highball as well as Suntory Premium Malts beer.

Drinks in Centrair Airline Lounge

Soft drinks, highball and beer.

Other than that, there was a coffee maker and a couple of types of tea bags, Suntory Whisky, tomato juice, and milk.

As for food, the only things available were small packs of rice crackers and peanut snacks.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea.

Milk and Orange Juice

Milk and tomato juice.
Snacks in Centrair Airline Lounge


Centrair Airline Lounge Summary

If you need a quiet place to work and charge your devices, then visiting this lounge might be the right solution.

Otherwise, I recommend either arriving at the airport only a short time before your flight or spending some time at one of the many cafes or restaurants that can be found landside at Centrair airport.

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