Lounge Review: Comfort Lounge at Istanbul Ataturk

Lounge Review: Comfort Lounge at Istanbul Ataturk

After having a quick bite at the HSBC Lounge during my layover in Istanbul back in April, it was time to continue the Priority Pass lounge hopping. The second port of call was the Comfort Lounge which is located across from the HSBC Lounge.

To get there from the terminal, you need to turn right after the security check and head towards the food court. Once you see the “food court” sign, you will also see a set of escalators.

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Istanbul Ataturk Airport Food Court

The entrance to the lounge is located just past this food court sign.
Istanbul Ataturk Airport Lounges

The Comfort Lounge as well as some other lounges are located upstairs.

The Comfort Lounge is one level above the main floor.

Comfort Lounge Istanbul Entrance

Comfort Lounge entrance.

Lounge Overview

After checking-in at the reception, I was handed a piece of paper with the wi-fi credentials. The reception is located on the edge of the lounge’s main (and more or less only) part.

In the center of the room (and along the left wall) – taking up most of the available space – was a relaxation area with sofas and lounging chairs. At the time of my visit it was more or less full.

Comfort Lounge Istanbul Main Seating

Main seating area.

View towards the entrance.

Main seating area with the reception in the far corner.

At the far end of the lounge, there was a self-service bar with some counter-height seating.

Comfort Lounge Istanbul Bar

Self-service bar area.

Counter with tea selection.

Cellphone and tablet charging station.

There was also a buffet area, and a small seating area with dining tables and chairs.

Comfort Lounge Istanbul Buffet

Buffet area.
Comfort Lounge Istanbul Dining Area

Dining area.
Comfort Lounge Istanbul Reading Materials

Reading materials.

Along the right wall, there was a small business center with four cubicles and a couple of computers. There were also some lockers.

Along the same wall, there was also hallway leading to the restrooms and shower rooms.


Lockers and the hallway.
Comfort Lounge Istanbul Shower

Shower room.

The shower itself, it was alright – good pressure, easily adjustable temperature, and so on. The shower room was rather simple with just the shower itself, a mirror, and a dryer – but more than sufficient.

On the other hand the “towel” they provided was a joke. I would definitely have appreciated if they provided real towels rather than single-use thin-cloth “towels” which barely worked. Next time, I will use the shower in Primeclass CIP Lounge (another Priority Pass lounge at the airport) instead.

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Food & Drinks Selection

As for the drinks and food selection, it was quite similar to, if not slightly better than, the HSBC Premier Lounge.

There were bottled Coca-Cola products, juices and beer in a refrigerator below the buffet counter. There was also wine and some hard liquor on the bar.

Comfort Lounge Istanbul Soft Drinks

Soft drinks and beer.
Comfort Lounge Istanbul Alcohol

Wine and liquor.

As for light meals and snacks, there was a selection of pre-packaged bread, fruits, cakes, salads, and cookies.

Comfort Lounge Istanbul Food

Desserts and salads.



On the hot side, there was a tomato soup (all three of the lounges I went to had the same one), and also some hot dishes including fish.


Tomato soup.
Hot Food

Hot food.

Comfort Lounge Istanbul Summary

Overall, the Comfort Lounge offers decent food and drink selection – not topnotch, but comparable with other contract lounges. In addition to that it also offers showers, so is good for the times you need to get refreshed during a transit.

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