Airport Hotel Review: d’prima Hotel Airport Jakarta Terminal 1A

Airport Hotel Review: d'prima Hotel Airport Jakarta Terminal 1A

As my flight from Bangkok was arriving in Jakarta late, I decided to stay at one of the numerous airport hotels offered around Soekarno-Hatta airport. The hotel of choice was the d’prima Hotel which is located directly at the airport – in Terminal 1A.

Booking the Room & Getting to the Hotel

I booked my two-night stay through for about 30 USD per night. While there were some better looking hotels for about double the price, I decided to go with one of the cheapest and most convenient options as I only had a couple of hours layover at the airport both of the nights anyways.

On the first night of my stay, my flight was delayed and I was not sure what schedule the inter-terminal shuttle runs on, so I took a taxi from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1A. I was (over)charged 100,000 IDR (about 8 USD) – but at that point I was too tired to mind that.

The other three times I was going to and from the hotel, I was lucky enough to be able to get on the shuttle. While during the day it seems to operate every 15 minutes or so, the schedule at night seems to be less regular. Based on my experience, however, chances are there is a shuttle at each hour. The three times I took it were at 11:06PM from Terminal 3, and 3:12AM and 4:04AM from Terminal 1.

Once you get off the shuttle bus, just proceed a bit to the right, and you will see the entrance into the hotel. The hotel itself is on the second floor, and there is no elevator, so with heavy suit cases it might be a bit of a hike.

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Entrance

The hotel’s entrance is located on the outside of Terminal 1.
d'Prima Jakarta Airport Stairs

Stairs leading to the hotel.
d'Prima Jakarta Airport Entrance

d’prima hotel entrance.

Reception Area

Before entering the reception area, there is a metal detector and an X-ray machine. However, during my visit, no one was operating it. Right past it are some magazines and a computer.

This being a budget hotel, there is not much going on in the reception area. Of course, there is the reception desk and some basic seating. The only other thing besides that is a cafe. I should note here that I received vouchers to spend at the cafe for breakfast. Unfortunately, I left the hotel before the cafe opened on both days.

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Reception

Reception area.
d'Prima Jakarta Airport Lobby

Hotel entrance area.
d'Prima Jakarta Airport Seating

Reception seating.

Guest Room

The guest rooms at d’prima Hotel are located in a hallway behind the reception. I was assigned room 117 which was the closest one to the reception.

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Hallway

Hallway with guest rooms.
d'Prima Jakarta Airport Room Door

My room – 117.

The room itself was very simply equipped. To the left of the entrance, there was the bathroom and a coat hanger, a (dirty) luggage rack, and a safe. On the safe, a pair of slippers and a laundry bag was prepared.

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Room Entrance

View from the entryway.
d'Prima Jakarta Airport Room Safe

(Dirty) luggage rack and safe.

Then, past the entryway, there was a small step that led to the main part of the room. This part contained a bit too soft single bed. Next to the bed, there was a nightstand with a telephone, a TV remote control, a lamp, and a power outlet.

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Bed


Opposite the bed, there was a TV, and under it – along the wall – a small counter with an ottoman. There was a tea and coffee set, as well as a bottle of water and box of tissues on the counter.

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Counter

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Counter

Tea and coffee set.

Finally, even though the bathroom was simple as well, it was surprisingly nice and clean. Furthermore, the water pressure was fairly good.


On the amenities side, there was an “unidentified” substance – which I used both as a body soap and a shampoo. On the sink, there was a comb, and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Shower

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Bathroom

d'Prima Jakarta Airport Amenities


d’prima Hotel Airport Jakarta Terminal 1A Summary

While the d’prima Hotel is not a place where you would want to stay for extended periods of time, for my needs it was just fine. The only unfortunate thing for me was that both my arrival and departure terminals were different from the terminal the hotel is located in.

Still, if you have a short overnight layover at Jakarta airport or a very early departure – especially from terminal 1, the d’prima Hotel is a good place to take a shower and get a couple of hours of sleep.

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