Lounge Review: IASS Hawaii Lounge at Honolulu

Lounge Review: IASS Hawaii Lounge at Honolulu

While waiting for my flight home from Hawaii, after visiting The Plumeria Lounge, I also took a quick look at IASS Hawaii Lounge.

The lounge is operated by IASS Рa Japanese operator of credit card lounges Рand is accessible to Priority Pass members, as well as holders of selected Japanese credit cards. The (non-)quality of the lounge is similar to the IASS lounge at Tokyo Narita Рand if you are a Priority Pass member, I definitely recommend the Hawaiian Airlines Plumeria Lounge instead.

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The IASS Hawaii Lounge can be found in the main terminal of Honolulu airport. More specifically, the entrance to the lounge is located in the “Chinese Cultural Garden.”

Honolulu Airport Terminal

Honolulu airport overseas terminal.
Lounges at Honolulu Airport

Lounges are located one floor below the departures level.
Chinese Cultural Garden at Honolulu Airport

“Chinese Cultural Garden.”
IASS Hawaii Lounge

IASS Hawaii Lounge and KAL Lounge entrances.
IASS Hawaii Lounge

IASS Hawaii Lounge opening hours.

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Lounge Overview

The lounge itself is quite small – it is made up of a single room filled with (mostly) rattan furniture. At the time of my visit it was fairly crowded.

The IASS Hawaii Lounge doesn’t offer much more than the rattan seating, some (Japanese) reading materials, and a quite empty “buffet” counter.

IASS Hawaii Lounge Overview

Overview of the lounge.

Rattan seating.
Reading Materials

Japanese reading materials.

Seating in the IASS Hawaii Lounge.

“Buffet” counter.

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Food & Drinks Selection

As expected, no food – not even light snacks, were available in the lounge.

In terms of drinks, sodas and juices, and coffee and tea were available.

Cold Drinks

Cold drinks.


IASS Hawaii Lounge Honolulu Summary

As you can see above, it’s really difficult to justify a visit to the IASS Hawaii Lounge. Personally, if IASS Hawaii Lounge was the only one I had access to, I would rather relax in the garden outside it instead.

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With Priority Pass, however, the much nicer Plumeria Lounge is a good place to spend some time at before a flight.

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