Lounge Review: KAL Lounge (International Terminal) at Busan Gimhae

Lounge Review: KAL Lounge (International Terminal) at Busan Gimhae

After spending just a couple of minutes in the Asiana Lounge before my flight to Tokyo, I went to one of the other two Priority Pass lounges at the airport – Korean Air’s KAL Lounge.

Similarly to its Asiana counterpart, the KAL lounge is located one floor above the gate area. With the entrances to the two lounges being just ten or fifteen meters apart.

KAL Lounge Busan Entrance

KAL Lounge Busan entrance.

Lounge Overview

Compared to the Asiana Lounge which was deserted at the time of my visit, the KAL Lounge was rather crowded. Still, I had no trouble getting a seat.

Large part of the lounge consists of sofa chairs arranged both in rows for single travelers as well as in groups of two and four around coffee tables.

KAL Lounge Busan Overview

Overview of KAL Lounge in Busan airport’s international terminal.

Most of the seating consisted of leather sofa chairs.
KAL Lounge Busan Seating

The lounge was fairly crowded during my visit.

Separately, there was a row of chairs with small tables along one of the lounges wall. Along the same wall, there was also a counter with five seats.


Counter along one of the lounge’s walls.

Seating along one of the walls.
KAL Lounge Busan Reading Materials

Reading materials.

Finally, along the wall on the other side of the lounge, there was a small drinks and snacks area.

KAL Lounge Busan Drinks and Snacks

Snacks and drinks area.

Food and Drinks Selection

While still nothing to write home about, the food selection at the KAL Lounge was marginally better than at the Asiana Lounge I visited before this one.

There were no proper hot meals, however, there were some cup noodles on offer.

Cup Noodles

Cup noodles.

Other than that, there were three types of sandwiches, as well as muffins, some bread and packaged snacks.



Muffins and bread.

Packaged snacks and nuts.

As for drinks, there were two fridges with canned and bottled drinks including two types of beer and a selection of soft drinks.


Beer and soft drinks.


More soft drinks.


There was also a coffee machine and a (very) small selection of wine and liquor.

Coffee Machines

Coffee machine.
KAL Lounge Busan Alcohol

Alcohol selection.

KAL Lounge Busan International Terminal Summary

The KAL Lounge at Busan airport was largely similar in offerings to the Asiana Lounge next door.

I would only recommend you to visit it if you don’t have Priority Pass membership but are a Sky Team status holder or have access to the lounge through some other mean.

If you have Priority Pass, then Sky Hub lounge that I will review the next is a much better place to go.

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