Flight Review: KLM 737-800 Economy Class from Amsterdam to Vienna

Flight Review: KLM 737-800 Economy Class from Amsterdam to Vienna

Flight Information
: December 21, 2017
Flight No.: KL1845
Route: Amsterdam Schiphol to Vienna International
Airline: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Type: Boeing 737-800
Registration: PH-BXU

The final segment of my way from Japan to Slovakia – after flights from Tokyo to Delhi in JAL’s business class and Delhi to Amsterdam in KLM’s economy class – was a short hop from Amsterdam to Vienna onboard KLM’s Boeing 737-800.

Boarding KLM Flight 1845

Before heading to the departure gate, I visited the KLM Crown Lounge which I left shortly after 9AM since my flight was scheduled to depart at 9:45AM.

Amsterdam Airport Terminal

Amsterdam airport’s Concourse D.
Foggy Morning at Amsterdam Airport

Aircraft waiting for their morning flight in fog.

However, when I got to the departure gate, I found out that the flight has been delayed until 10:30AM. As such, I took the chance to also visit Aspire Lounge that is accessible to Priority Pass members.

Gate D61 at Schiphol Airport

Gate D61.
KLM Flight 1845 to Vienna Delayed

Flight KL1845 to Vienna delayed until 10:30.

I left the Aspire Lounge around 10AM, and after getting to the gate just a couple of minutes later, boarding was almost ready to begin. At 10:07AM, Sky Priority members were invited to board – and so I made my way down the jetway and into the aircraft.

KLM Boeing 737-800 at Amsterdam Schiphol

KLM Boeing 737-800, PH-BXU, waiting for its flight to Vienna.
Crowded Gate Area

Crowded waiting area.
Boarding in Progress

Boarding in progress.
Boarding KLM 737-800 Bound for Vienna

A look at the aircraft through the jetway’s window.

Once onboard, I settled in my window seat – 20A – and waited for our departure.

KLM Intra-European Economy Class Seats

KLM’s economy class seats.
KLM Headrest Cover


Almost ready for departure.

Departing Amsterdam Onboard KLM’s Boeing 737-800

The push back started at 10:35AM – 50 minutes behind schedule. During the push back, the purser welcomed everyone onboard and mentioned the expected flight time of 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Shortly after that, the engines were started and we begun to taxi towards our take-off runway. Along the way, plenty of KLM aircraft – including 747s – could be seen. Less than ten minutes later, we reached the N5 intersection of runway 09 from which we took off at 10:46AM.

Taxiing Past KLM Boeing 747-400

Taxiing by a KLM 747-400.
Lining Up with Runway 09

Lining up on runway 09.

While it was foggy outside, we soon cleared the first layer of the clouds. And, just two minutes after take-off, the seatbelt sign was switched off.

Climbing Through Fog

Climbing through thick fog.
Above the First Layer of Clouds

Above the first cloud layer.

Cruising from Amsterdam to Vienna

Soon after that, we were above another layer of clouds and we could enjoy some (weak) sunshine. Around the same time, the captain informed us about the estimated arrival time of 12:10PM, and apologized for the delay.

KLM Boeing 737-800 Winglet

KLM 737-800 winglet in sunshine.

About twenty minutes after take-off, the service started. Given that it was a short intra-European flight, it only consisted of a paper box containing a cup of water and a piece of pound cake.

However, if nothing else, then I have to praise KLM again for the design of the box, etc. – which followed the Delft Blue theme just like items on my flight from Delhi to Amsterdam.

KLM Intra-European Snack Box Amsterdam-Vienna

Simple snack box.

The rest of the cruise was uneventful, and so I just relaxed while enjoying the fact that “it is always sunny above the clouds.”

Cruising from Amsterdam to Vienna Onboard KLM

Cruising towards Vienna.

Landing at Vienna Airport

The sunshine didn’t last for too long however, since we started our descent at 11:44AM – and not long after that we entered clouds again.

The seatbelt signs were switched back on at 11:54AM, and less than ten minutes later, the cockpit crew lowered the landing gear.

Commencing Descent

No more sun – descending towards Vienna.
Seconds Before Landing

Seconds before landing.

We landed on Vienna airport’s runway 34 at 12:05PM, and the landing was followed by a round of applause from some of the passengers seated in the front section of the aircraft. While there are airlines that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear clapping on, KLM certainly isn’t one of them, especially not on the Amsterdam – Vienna route.

Anyways, after a quick taxi, we parked at gate C40 – between two Eurowings planes – at 12:10PM, 40 minutes behind schedule.

Braking on Runway 34 at Vienna Airport

Slowing down after landing on runway 34.
In-Blocks at Vienna Airport

Heading to our parking gate.

Not realizing I forgot my laptop in the seat pocket, I quickly got off, picked up my bag, and met with my family. It was only about 20 minutes into the car ride to Slovakia that I realized my laptop was missing – but, luckily, I was able to get it back a couple of days later.

KLM 737 and Eurowings

The KLM 737-800 that brought me from Amsterdam to Vienna parked between two Eurowings planes.
Christmas Decorations at Vienna Airport

Vienna airport’s Christmas decorations.

KLM 737-800 Intra-European Economy Class Summary

When it comes to intra-European flights, there is not much difference between the various airlines.

KLM was in-line with its peers in terms of the legroom offered, and maybe even exceeded some of its competitors by offering a (very light) snack. However, I would have appreciated if there was also a proper drink service beside the cup of water that was included in the “snack box.”

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