Flight Review: Mokulele Airlines Cessna Grand Caravan from Molokai to Kahului

Flight Report: Mokulele Airlines Grand Caravan from Molokai to Kahului

Flight Information
: June 29, 2017
Flight No.: MW212
Route: Molokai to Kahului
Airline: Mokulele Airlines
Type: Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Registration: N887MA

After my short two-hour stay in Molokai, it was time to head back to Kahului onboard a Mokulele Airlines Cessna Grand Caravan. I booked this flight online – on Mokulele Airlines website – and at $65, it was a bit more expensive than the Makani Kai Air flight I took on the inbound leg.

Checking-in at Molokai Airport

The check-in counter for my flight – scheduled to depart at 1:15PM – opened at 12:30PM. As I was seated right across from it, I waited for some of the other passengers to get checked in before proceeding to the counter.

Mokulele Airlines Check-In Counter

Mokulele Airlines check-in desk at Molokai airport.

While this time, I had to present my passport rather than just say my last name, the rest of the check-in procedure was very fast. In fact, it included only the staff asking me if I had any bags to check (I did not) and saying “Ok, you’re all set, boarding will be at 1:10PM at gate 1.”

Mokulele Airlines Check-In

Check-in in progress.
Mokulele Airlines Destinations

The airlines’ destinations in Hawaii.

With the formality over, I returned back to the bench I was sitting on, and waited, and occasionally walked around a bit to kill time.

Boarding the Mokulele Airlines Cessna Grand Caravan

Around 1:05PM, I went to gate 1 – one of the two gates at Molokai airport. Gate 2 is something one would expect from a “typical” airport – with a security screening leading to an “airside”area. However, gate 1 is simply a door leading out to the apron straight from the “check-in hall.” Both Mokulele Airlines and Makani Kai Air use gate 1. Gate 2 is used by ‘Ohana (Hawaiian Airlines).

Molokai Airport Terminal

Luggage screening only applicable to ‘Ohana.
Molokai Airport Airside

Security screening area for ‘Ohana passengers.
Molokai Airport Gate 1

Gate 1 – no security check, just straight out onto the apron – how convenient.

The boarding itself started at 1:13PM, when the Mokulele staff came to the gate and let us all out onto the apron while assigning each of us a row to sit in.

On the apron, N887MA was already waiting. While I was initially assigned one of the back rows, as I was getting on the aircraft, I asked the first officer who was standing by the door whether I could sit in the first row.

Boarding Mokulele Airlines at Molokai Airport

Boarding the Grand Caravan.

Luckily, he had no problem with that, and so I settled in the first row just behind the pilots and fastened the car-like three-point seat belt.

Flying from Molokai to Kahului

As there were only six passengers on the flight, it took just four minutes from when the boarding started to when the pilots (while Makani Kai Air operates the same flight with just one pilot, Mokulele had two pilots) started the engine and started taxiing towards the runway.

A very short taxi later, we reached Molokai airport’s runway 05 from which we took off at 1:19PM.

Taxiing Out of Molokai Airport Apron

Taxiing out of the quiet apron.
Molokai Airport Runway 05

Molokai airport’s runway 05.
Molokai Airport

Molokai airport terminal and apron.

Shortly after take-off, we were offered amazing views of the Molokai coastline and its cliffs, as well as of Kalaupapa airport.

Molokai from the Air

Lush green Molokai and its coast.
Cliffs of Molokai

Dramatic cliffs.
Kalaupapa Airport

Kalaupapa airport.
Molokai Coastline

Molokai coastline.

Given the length of the flight, there is, of course, no service. However, just for reference, below are the contents of the seat pocket.

Mokulele Airlines Seat Pocket Contents

Seat pocket contents – in-flight magazine, waste bag, and a safety card.

Hills of Molokai.
Cessna Grand Caravan Navigation


Arriving at Kahului Airport

Less than 20 minutes after taking off from Molokai airport, we started descending towards Kahului airport.

Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean.

Hills of Maui.
Kahului in Sight

Getting closer and closer to Kahului.


We landed on runway 05 at 1:41PM, and two minutes later we reached our parking stand in front of the commuter terminal.

Approaching Kahului Airport

Approaching runway 05 of Kahului airport.
Taxiing at Kahului Airport

Taxiing to the commuter terminal.
Kahului Airport Main Terminal

Main terminal of Kahului airport.

Once everyone got off the aircraft, we were let out through a (literal) gate, bringing my second Grand Caravan flight of the day to an end.

Mokulele Airlines Cessna Grand Caravan Cabin

Mokulele Airlines Cessna Grand Caravan cabin.
Mokulele Airlines Cessna Grand Caravan at Kahului Airport

The Cessna on the commuter apron at Kahului airport.
Thank You for Flying Mokulele Airlines

Arrival gate. Quite literally…

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