Lounge Review: National Bank World Mastercard Lounge at Montreal Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau

Lounge Review: National Bank World Mastercard Lounge at Montreal Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau

Before taking my “super-delayed flight” from Montreal to Toronto, I had a chance to visit the National Bank World Mastercard Lounge which is part of the Priority Pass network.

While the lounge can be accessed both by passengers traveling within Canada and internationally, it is not accessible for passengers traveling to the United States since those flights depart from a separate secure area.

The National Bank Lounge at Montreal airport is located between gates 52 and 53, one floor above the main departure levels. You should spot it easily when walking between the two gates since the entrance is quite prominent.

National Bank World Mastercard Lounge Entrance
Entrance to the National Bank lounge at Montreal airport.

Lounge Overview

Once I got off the elevator, I was welcomed by a friendly attendant at the reception.

The lounge consisted of one large room with mostly sofa chairs. Separately, there were some lounging chairs, as well as bar chairs at a counter in the buffet area. The food and drinks area was to the right of the reception and featured both a self-service buffet as well as a staffed bar.

There was also another, smaller, snack area on the far left side of the lounge.

National Bank World Mastercard Lounge Overvie
The lounge’s main seating area. The buffet area can be seen on the right.
Most of the seating in the lounge consisted of sofas and lounging chairs.
National Bank Lounge Montreal Overview
Large windows provided plenty of natural light to the lounge.
Seating Area in Master Card Lounge Montreal
A separate seating area located to the left of the reception.

Separately, there were flight information displays in several locations throughout the lounge, and near the entrance, there were some reading materials available.

Finally, the lounge offered great apron views as well.

Reading Materials
Reading materials.

Food and Drinks Selection

Both the food and drinks were located in the buffet area on the right side of the lounge.

The food included three hot options – chicken goulash, pilaf, and ratatouille. Cold options included toasts and bagels as well as cold cuts and vegetable sticks.

Finally, there were some snacks as well as a cake.

Chicken Goulash in Mastercard Lounge Montreal
Chicken goulash.
Hot Food in Montreal's Mastercard National Bank Lounge
Rice pilaf with tomato.
Minestrone Soup
Minestrone soup.
Toasts and Bagels
Toasts and bagels.
Cold Cuts and Vegetables
Cold cuts and salad.
Tomato pizza.

As for drinks, alcoholic beverages and juices were available at the bar. And, there were soda cans in a refrigerator in the buffet area.

Bar area.
Soft Drinks
Soft drinks.

National Bank World Mastercard Lounge Montreal Summary

Before visiting, I was expecting a simple lounge (perhaps slightly better than Japanese card lounges) but my expectations were exceeded.

The lounge offered plenty of seating and a decent meal selection. Depending on whether you are departing on a domestic flight like I was or on a long haul international flight, I would rate the lounge anywhere between excellent (if departing on a short flight) and decent (if departing on a long haul flight).

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