Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge (Arrival Hall) at Hong Kong International

Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge (Arrival Hall) at Hong Kong International

Since Cathay Pacific’s arrival lounge closes at midnight, and I had the whole night to spend at Hong Kong airport, I had to decide what to do once it closed. Initially, I planned to go back airside and visit one of the Plaza Premium Lounges there which are a part of the Priority Pass network.

However, after getting out of the Cathay Pacific lounge, I realized there was another Plaza Premium Lounge right across from it, and so I paid a visit to that one first.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong Arrival Hall Entrance

Plaza Premium Lounge entrance in Hong Kong airport arrival hall.

Here, I just want to note that the lounge can not only be accessed when you are departing, but when you are arriving as well. Besides being accessible to Priority Pass members (for 3 hours), one can also pay to enter the lounge.

Lounge Overview

Even though it was just a couple of minutes before midnight when I got into the lounge, there was quite a few people – some eating and socializing while others were trying to catch some sleep. Still, I had no trouble finding a seat.

In the main part of the lounge, there were two seating areas with leather sofa chairs.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong Arrival Hall Seating

One of the main seating areas.

…and another.

The two areas were were separated by an area with a counter-heigh table with bar chairs. Right behind that was also the bar and buffet area.


Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong Arrival Hall Bar


Along the seating areas on the reception side, there were six or so booths with computers.


Work stations.

Finally, right across from the reception, there was a hallway with showers and restrooms. I believe the showers (as well as other services including massages, private resting rooms, etc.) had to be paid for.

There were also some reading materials and a reserved seating area.


Reading materials.
Reserved Seating Area

Reserved seating area.

Food & Drinks Selection

All the food and drinks in the lounge was spread over a couple of counters in the bar area.

While (based on the presence of pots) I believe they provide hot food during the day, in the middle of the night, cup noodles and some warm pastries were the only hot options available.

Besides that, there was a salad bar which also included raisins and a fruit salad. There were also slices of toast bread, yoghurts, and some sweet and sour snacks.

Warm Pastries

Warm pastries.

Salad bar.


There are likely warm meals here during the day.

Snacks and Cup Noodles

Cup noodles and snacks.

As for the drinks, there was boxed milk and cocoa, canned soda as well as mango juice and ice tea, and bottled water.

Separately, there was a coffee machine and a tank with orange juice.

Canned Soft Drinks

Soft drinks, sandwiches, etc.
Orange Juice

Orange juice.

Alcoholic drinks were available at the bar for a separate charge.

Plaza Premium Lounge (Arrival Hall) Hong Kong Summary

Overall, I would not go out of my way to visit this lounge. It is nothing spectacular and is located landside before clearing security so is only really practical after arrival.

As such, if you happen to be arriving very early in the morning and want a place to spend an hour or two at while having a light breakfast, this is a nice place to go. That is, assuming you are a Priority Pass member and cannot access the Cathay Pacific arrival lounge.

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