Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge (East Hall) at Hong Kong International

Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge (East Hall) at Hong Kong International

After spending a couple of hours in Cathay’s arrival lounge and Plaza Premium Lounge in the arrivals hall of Hong Kong airport, I made my way airside. Given that it was the middle of the night, both the security and immigration were deserted and so I was through in no time.

As the Cathay Pacific lounges were not opening until 5:30AM, I decided to go to one of the two Plaza Premium lounges – the one near gate 1 – to catch some sleep.

Hong Kong Airport

Deserted Hong Kong airport.
Plaza Premium Lounge East Hall Entrance

Plaza Premium Lounge entrance.
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong East Hall Reception


Lounge Overview

After entering the lounge – to the left of the reception – there was a bar area as well as a number of cubicles with computers. The bar area featured a variety of seating including sofa chairs and high-top tables – but at the time of my visit was unstaffed.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong East Hall Bar

Bar Area

Seating in the bar area.

…and some more.


Bar area seating and workstations.

Further down the lounge, there were some lounging areas with rows of sofa chairs. I picked one of those as my “hotel room” for the night.

Lounging Area

Main seating area.
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong East Hall

Rows of sofa chairs.
Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong East Hall Lounging Area

And some more.

In one of those areas, a counter with drinks – as well as some snacks and cup noodles – could be found.


Snacks and drinks area.

Finally, for proper meals, one could go to the dining area which had a buffet counter. During the day, it seems to also feature a selection of noodles.

Dining Area

Dining area.
Dining Area

…also serving as a “bedroom.”

Noodle station.

Separately from the above, the lounge also had showers – and there were reading materials on shelves in several areas of the lounge.


Showers and restrooms.
Reading Materials

Reading materials.

Food and Drinks Selection

The food and drinks in the lounge were spread among three places – the bar, the drinks and snack area, and the dining area.

Even around 1:30AM, some salads as well as hot meals – including fried rice and chicken – could be found in the dining area. As mentioned above, however, the noodle “station” was closed.

Fried Rice

Fried rice.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong East Hall Meals


The bar was closed during my visit as well. When it’s open, one can get alcoholic drinks for extra charge there.

Finally, there was the snack area where one could find canned soft drinks as well as beer.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hong Kong East Hall Soft Drinks and Beer

Beer and soft drinks.

One could also get some coffee, tea, or juice in the area.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea.
Coffee Machine


Apple and orange juices.

And, snacks, fruits, and cup noodles as well.



Cup Noodles

Cup noodles.

Plaza Premium Lounge (East Hall) Hong Kong Summary

Given that I visited the lounge between 1AM and 5AM or so, it is hard for me to judge what it is like during the day – when most of you will visit. In the middle of the night, however, the lounge was mostly empty – except for some people spending the night there before their morning flight.

From what I’ve seen, though, it seems like the lounge could be a decent place to spend some time in before a flight even during the day – especially considering it belongs to the Priority Pass network.

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