Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 1 International) at Toronto Pearson

Lounge Review: Plaza Premium Lounge (Terminal 1 International Departures) at Toronto Pearson

Prior to my departure from Toronto to Paris, I visited one of the Priority Pass lounges at Pearson airport – the Plaza Premium in Terminal 1’s international departures area. While there are other lounges that belong to the network at the airport, this is the only lounge accessible to passengers departing on international (excluding the US) flights from Terminal 1.

The lounge can be found in the gate area, next to the new Air Canada Signature Suite. And, the lounge is very well signposted all the way from the security check to its door.

Toronto Pearson Airport
The Plaza Premium Lounge was well sign posted.
Elevator to Plaza Premium Lounge and Air Canada Signature Suite
The lounge was located above the main departures level.
Plaza Premium Lounge Entrance
Entrance to the Plaza Premium Lounge.

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Lounge Overview

The lounge is split into two parts, and overall is very small.

The first part of the lounge – the dining area – was across from the reception desk.

It was equipped with more than a dozen dining tables, as well as two communal tables each sitting about fifteen people. The communal tables were equipped with power outlets (hidden under the tables) and were the most ideal place to get any work done in the lounge.

This section also included – as its name suggests – a (staffed) food and drinks area which I will talk about in more detail in the next part of this review.

Overview of Plaza Premium Lounge
Overview of the dining area.
Plaza Premium Lounge Toronto
The lounge was fairly small and quite crowded.
Bar and Food in Plaza Premium Toronto
Staffed bar and food station.

The second part of the lounge – the lounging area – was located behind the reception, and it was in a typical lounge layout of rows of sofa chairs.

Seating Area in Plaza Premium Lounge at Pearson Airport
Seating area.

Separately, between the above two areas was a hallway leading to the restrooms and shower rooms.

Food and Drinks Selection

All of the food and drinks in the lounge could be found in the dining section’s buffet which started near the reception and went all the way to the end of the section.

Nearest to the reception, there was a staffed bar where one could get alcoholic drinks as well as coffee, lattes, etc… There were also some whole fruits as well as snacks on the bar counter.

Bar Area
Snacks and fruits at the bar.

Next, there was a staffed section where one could get simple a la carte dishes including quesadillas, grilled cheese, and pasta.

A La Carte Menu Plaza Premium Toronto
A la carte meals.
Pasta with Garlic and Olive Oil
Pasta with garlic and olive oil.

Then, there was a selection of self-serve hot and cold dishes including two soups, spring rolls, and salads.

Cold Food
Salads and other cold food.
Warm Food
Warm food.

Finally, there was a section with a fridge with lighter items such as yoghurts, as well as a juice and soda dispenser, and coffee and tea machine. Next to this area, there was also a small counter with toasts.

Drinks in the Plaza Premium Lounge at Toronto Airport
Coffee and soda.
Desserts and Juices
Desserts and juices.
Toasts, etc.

Plaza Premium Lounge Toronto Pearson Summary

I found the Plaza Premium Lounge in Toronto Pearson’s terminal 1 international departures area to be worth a visit if you have a Priority Pass membership and some time to spare before your flight.

I’d say the food and drinks selection in the lounge was above average when it comes to Priority Pass lounges.

At the same time, I found the lounge to be a bit too small which cause some crowded issues at times during my fairly long stay.

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