Lounge Review: Premier Lounge at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta

Lounge Review: Premier Lounge at Jakarta Soekarno-Hatta

Flying from Jakarta back to Tokyo with JAL in business class, I was invited to visit Premier Lounge in Terminal 2D prior to my departure. The lounge, besides being used by a number of airlines for their premium class passengers, is also available to use for Priority Pass members.

The lounge is located airside past Terminal 2D security, at the end of a hall leading to the gate area. It opens at 4AM – just in time to relax before my 6:45AM flight.

The Premier Lounge is located across from Esplanade Lounge used by Singapore Airlines, and Pura Indah Lounge. The latter of those two is used by JAL as well, however, given that it opens at 5AM, probably only passengers of the afternoon flight are invited to use it.

Jakarta Terminal 2D Lounges

Premier Lounge, Pura Indah Lounge and Esplanade Lounge.
Premier Lounge Jakarta Entrance

Premier Lounge entrance.

Lounge Overview

Vast majority of the Premier Lounge consists of sofa chairs in three colors – beige, grey, red – arranged in rows and set-ups of four.

The lounge is roughly divided into three open-space seating sections.

The first one is located just past reception. Besides the seats and coffee tables, there are also some reading materials. Those were also spread out through the rest of the lounge.

Then there is the main seating area which has the buffet in the middle.

Premier Lounge Jakarta Seating

Seating area just past reception.
Reception Seating

Reception area and reading materials.

Overview of the main part of the lounge.

Sofa chairs.
Seating and Buffet

Seating and buffet.

Some more seating.

Individual sofa chairs.

On the edges, there are also the bar (which starts serving alcoholic drinks at 12PM), a small business center with six computers, and a smoking room.


Bar – opens at 12PM.

Business center with computers.
Premier Lounge Jakarta Smoking Room

Smoking room.

While most of the Premier Lounge does not feel private in any sense of way due to the lack of partition between the seats or seating areas, this area also has a smaller seating area tucked in one of the corners which feels at least a bit private.


Smaller seating area in a corner.

Finally, there is a “quiet” seating area separated from the others by a wooden wall. This is where I chose to relax and caught up on some sleep during my visit.

Premier Lounge Jakarta Quiet Seating

Quiet seating area behind wooden wall.
Quiet Seating

Detail fo chairs.
Reading Materials

Reading materials in the quiet area.

Overview of the quiet area.

Food & Drinks Selection

While alcoholic drinks are only offered after 12PM at the bar mentioned above, there was, of course, also a selection of soft drinks. Those included some juices and mineral water in dispensers, tea and coffee, canned and bottled sodas, and what seems to be “the drink” in Indonesia – Teh Botol.

Premier Lounge Jakarta Drinks

Juices and mineral water.

Bottled and canned soft drinks.
Premier Lounge Jakarta Coffee

Coffee and tea corner.

In terms of food, at the time of my visit, right around the opening time, there were not only light meals but also hot dishes.

The lighter things included cereals, fruits, salads and sandwiches.

Premier Lounge Jakarta Snacks


Warm pastries.
Premier Lounge Jakarta Salad


Fresh vegetables.


Cold soup.


…and some more.

The hot dishes included fried rice, steamed vegetables, and so on.

Fried Rice

Fried rice.
Premier Lounge Jakarta Hot Meals

Rice and steamed vegetables.

Bubur Manado

Bubur manado – Indonesian porridge.

Premier Lounge Jakarta Summary

Considering, the Premeir Lounge at Jakarta airport’s Terminal 2D as a JAL business class passenger, it was a bit underwhelming – although not unexpected. However, when it comes to Priority Pass lounges, this is one of the better ones out there.

While the seating is mediocre at best, especially due to the lack of privacy, the meal selection is decent. Those who like to have a drink before their flight might find the bar opening hours limiting.

Next time, I hope to visit the Pura Indah Lounge which is both used by JAL (on their night flight) as well as by Priority Pass.

Have you visited the Premier Lounge before? If so, how did you find it to be?

Also, have you visited the Pura Indah Lounge? If so, how does it compare with the Premier Lounge?

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