Airport Hotel Review: Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France (Paris Charles de Gaulle)

Airport Hotel Review: Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France (Paris Charles de Gaulle)

Premiere Classe is a French brand of budget hotels, and two of its properties can be found near Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. Both of them, Paris Nord 2 and Roissy-en-France, are a short drive away from the airport and can be accessed by a shuttle bus.

After staying at the slightly less “budget” Ibis Styles during my Canada trip’s first layover in Paris, I decided to try a budget option on my second layover there and so I booked the Premiere Classe Roissy-en-France for just 48 EUR (55 USD) for the night.

Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France
Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France.

Getting to the Hotel

The hotel, as its name suggests, is located in a small commune of Roissy-en-France about 5 kilometers away from the airport alongside several other hotels. The easiest way to access the hotel is either by a ten minute taxi (or Uber) ride or by the “Pink Line” of the airport hotel shuttle buses.

If you decide to take the shuttle bus and are arriving at the airport’s terminal 2, you can catch it from a bus stop above the terminal’s train station. The pink bus is easy to recognize and will get you to the hotel in about 10 or so minutes.

Hotel Shuttle Buses at Paris CDG
There are a couple of hotel shuttle bus lines at CDG.
Paris CDG Pink Line
The pink line is the one to take.

Just don’t forget to make sure you are going to the right Premiere Classe since there are two! (The Paris Nord 2 one is served by the “Black Line.”)

Also, given that the ride back to the airport seems to not be free (which I find weird since it’s supposed to be the same bus that brings you to the hotel from the airport), you might be better off (especially if you are traveling in group) taking an Uber which cost me less than 10EUR.

Check-in, Lobby, Dining, and Other Facilities

Upon my arrival at the hotel, I was welcomed by a fairly friendly receptionist. After paying a couple of euros in local tax, I was handed a key to my room, room number 6 on the ground floor.

Besides the reception desk, the lobby also had some seating and vending machines. Outside, there was a small patio.

Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France Reception.
Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France Lobby
Vending Machines
Vending machines.

Given that there are no restaurants inside the hotel (excluding the breakfast room), I also received a 15% discount coupon that could be used at a restaurant in the nearby Campanile hotel.

Instead, though, I decided to walk for about 20 minutes to the nearby Aeroville shopping mall where plenty of restaurants of all kinds can be found.

Restaurant discount coupon.
Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France to Aeroville
Aeroville shopping mall is about a 20-minute walk away.
Aeroville shopping mall.

Alternatively, you could also take a stroll around the nice commune and go into one of the local restaurants or get something from the local supermarket.

Map of Roissy-en-France
Map of Roissy-en-France.

As for the hotel breakfast, I didn’t pay for it as I decided to get food from the supermarket instead. However, it can be had for just 5.9 EUR. The contents of the breakfast are quite limited, though.

There were just some yoghurts, cereals, and bread. And, orange juice, tea, and coffee.

Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France Breakfast Room
Breakfast room.
Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France Breakfast Room
Cereals and yogurts.
Juice, tea, coffee.

Guest Room

As mentioned above, my room was on the ground floor – just a short walk away from the reception.

Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France Floor Plan
Floor plan.
Door to My Room
Door to my room.

Given that Premiere Classe is a budget chain, the room was very compact and the furnishings were simple.

There was a pair of single beds, a TV on the wall, a simple desk with a fairly uncomfortable chair in one of the further corners and an open closet in the other.

Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France Room
Overview of the room.
The room was equipped with two single beds.

The bathroom was to the right of the entrance, and the very small space included a shower “room” separated from the rest of the bathroom by a curtain, a sink, and a toilet. Other than soap (combined with shampoo) there were no amenities.


Premiere Classe Roisy-en-France Summary

While I would not stay here again if I had an early morning flight (I would pick something more easily accessible like the Ibis Styles instead), if I was arriving relatively early in the evening or departing mid-morning, and was looking for something cheap, I would not hesitate to pick the Premiere Classe Roissy-en-France again.

The biggest advantage of it – if you have a longer layover – is the fact that Roissy-en-France is a nice little town that is a pleasure to walk around. As such, going forwards, even when looking for something more upscale to stay at during a long layover at CDG, I would still pick one of the hotels in Roissy-en-France.

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