Lounge Review: Premium Lounge Centrair at Nagoya Centrair

Lounge Review: Premium Lounge at Nagoya Centrair

After arriving in Nagoya around 7PM the day before AirAsia Japan’s inaugural, I headed to Premium Lounge – a lounge that I could access thanks to my Delta Amex Gold card.

The lounge is open daily between 7AM and 8:45PM. And, while it can, of course, be accessed by departing passengers, it is also available for use by arriving passengers. It is located landside, on the 3rd floor of the central part of the terminal, and can be reached easily by following “Card Member’s Lounge” signs.

Nagoya Centrair Airport Terminal

Nagoya Centrair airport terminal.
Premium Lounge Centrair Entrance

Premium Lounge Centrair entrance.

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Lounge Overview

Right after the lounge’s entrance, there is a reception and a luggage storage area.

Then, on the reception side, there is also the restroom entrance, as well as a rack with Japanese newspapers and magazines. Across from it, there is a “priority seating” area.

Reading Materials

Reading Materials and restroom entrance.
Priority Seating Area

Priority seating area.

Turning to the left at the end of the “priority seating” area, there is a room with rows of counters with bar-height chairs.

Premium Lounge Centrair Counters

Room with counters.
Rows of Counters

…and shortly before the lounge’s closing time.

On the other hand, going straight leads into the main part of the lounge consisting of the drink and snack station on the very left, as well as two fairly large seating areas.

Drink and Snacks in Premium Lounge Centrair

Refreshments area.

The first seating area features interestingly designed large chairs in pairs of two with coffee tables.

Premium Lounge Centrair Seating

First part of the main seating area.
Pair of Chairs

Each pair of chairs came with a table and power outlet.

Monitor showing photos taken at the airport.

One more view of the seating area.

The second seating area is a more traditional arrangement with rows of sofa chairs.

Premium Lounge Centrair Seating

Second part of the main seating area.

As should be the norm, every single seat had access to a power outlet.

Food and Drinks Selection

Like most of other Japanese credit card lounges, the selection of drinks and snacks was nothing to write home about. However, unlike the others I’ve been to, this lounge offered free alcoholic drinks.

There were dispensers for four types of drinks including two brands of beer.

Premium Lounge Centrair Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drink dispensers and tomato juice.
Heartland Beer

Heartland Beer.

White Horse and Hard Cidre.
Kirin Beer

Kirin Ichiban Shibori beer.

At the time of my visit, there were also some prepackaged snacks. Given that they were located under a “Halloween Party” sign, I am not sure whether or not they are there year round.

Premium Lounge Centrair Snacks

Halloween Party.
Packaged Snacks

Packaged snacks and chocolates.
Premium Lounge Centrair Packaged Snacks

More snacks.

Other than that, there was the usual selection of hot and cold soft drinks.

The hot drinks included coffee provided by UCC, as well as a limited selection of tea bags.


Coffee and hot water for tea.

Tea, sugar, etc.

As for soft drinks, there was a soda and juice dispenser, as well as tomato juice in a pitcher.

Soft Drinks Dispenser

Soft drink dispenser.

Premium Lounge Nagoya Centrair Summary

Unless you live in Japan and have a Japanese credit card, the chances that you will be able to visit this lounge are slim. That is not a big deal though, given that it is about as simple as a lounge can get.

However, compared with some of the other credit card lounges at airports around Japan, this one offered a slightly more extensive selection of refreshments.

But then again, overall, it is not a lounge that one would want to arrive at the airport early for.

My Choice

My “pre-dinner.”

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