Lounge Review: Qatar Airways First and Business Class Immigration Facility and Arrivals Lounge at Doha

Lounge Review: Qatar Airways First and Business Class Immigration Facility and Arrivals Lounge at Doha

As I had almost twenty hours between my Qatar Airways flights from New York and to Hanoi, I entered the country so that I could – among other things – experience and write about Qatar Airways arrival facilities at its home airport.

I also tried PlusQatar – Qatar’s free stopover hotel program, but I will write about that in a separate article.

Qatar Airways Dedicated First and Business Class Immigration Facilities

Since I was flying in business class, rather than having to wait in the fairly long regular immigration queue, I could proceed to Qatar Airways’ dedicated premium class immigration facilities.

Doha Airport Immigration Queue

The premium immigration was located to the left of the regular one.
Doha Airport Al Safwa First and Al Mourjan Business Immigration Area

Entrance into the first and business class immigration area.

While the airline offers a proper arrival lounge after immigrations and customs, besides the priority immigration “lanes,” there was also a “mini-lounge” before the immigration counters.

The facility featured a lot of sofa chairs and was deserted during my visit. That was no surprise given that most of the passengers just head through the immigration and get on their way or into the real arrival lounge.

Qatar Airways Premium Immigration Facility in Doha

Pre-immigration lounge.
Seating Area in Business Class Immigration Area in Doha

There was plenty of seating with no people to use it.

In spite of that, there was even a small buffet with some cold cuts, fruits, yogurts, and cereals. As well as cold soft drinks, coffee and tea.

Buffet Spread in Premium Immigration Facility in Qatar

Buffet area.
Drinks in Qatar Airways Arrival Lounge in Doha

Coffee and tea.
Soft Drinks

Cold soft drinks.

Breakfast in Qatar Airways Arrival Lounge in Doha

Cold cuts, yogurts, etc.

I didn’t stay in the pre-immigration mini-lounge long, however, and after “not waiting in the immigration line,” I entered Qatar and headed to the actual arrivals lounge.

Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge Overview

The Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge was located to the left of the baggage claim area’s exit. And, it had a reception on the same floor while the actual lounge was one floor above.

Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge Entrance

Entrance into the actual arrivals lounge, after immigration.

After exiting the elevator and going to the right, there was a luggage room, a concierge desk, and a TV room that only seemed to air flight information.

Luggage Storage Room

Baggage room.
Concierge Desk

Concierge desk.
TV Room in Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge in Doha

“Television” room.

Then, along one of the walls, there was a set of semi-private rooms each with a lounging chair and a TV. One of them was occupied and even had an ironing board and an iron in it. And, one of them was “a double” with two chairs instead of one.

Relaxation Room

Lounging single room.
Qatar Airways Arrival Lounge Relaxation Room

Lounging double room.

Going back to the elevator exit and turning to the left, there was the lounge’s main seating area. Besides featuring leather chairs arranged around coffee tables, there were also blue chairs equipped with tablets, just like the ones in the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge.

Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge Seating

Seating in the arrivals lounge.
Seating in Arrivals Lounge in Doha

Blue seats like the ones that can be found in the Al Mourjan Business Class Lounge.

Further down the seating area, there was a smoking room and a separate dining area with a buffet counter.

Smoking Room in Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge

Smoking room.
Dining Area

Seating in the dining area.
Dining Area

Dining area and the buffet.

Finally, turning to the right at the end of that area led to the lounge’s business center.

Qatar Airways Business Center Arrivals Lounge Doha

Business center entrance.

Besides being equipped with some general seating and a counter with iMacs, there were semi-private working rooms with (and one without) iMacs.


Seating in the business center.
iMacs in Business Center in Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge

Counter with iMacs.

Working room with computers.

…and without.

And, there were also two private conference rooms – one small and one large.

Conference Room in Qatar Airways Arrival Lounge

Small conference room.
Conference Room

Large conference room.

Qatar Airways Arrivals Lounge Food and Drinks Selection

The buffet in the arrivals lounge contained the exact same items as the one in the immigration facility described earlier.

Cold Cuts in Arrivals Lounge in Doha

Cold cuts.


What made the arrival lounge different, though, was that there were also made-to-order omelettes. And, I was also offered a drink right after sitting down rather than having to make a tea myself.

Preparing Tea

The kindly staff preparing me a cup of tea.

Qatar Airways Doha Business Class Arrival Experience Summary

Arriving at Doha airport if you are a business (or first) class passenger is as smooth as it gets.

Rather than having to wait in line, you can use a dedicated immigration facility. Not only was it deserted during my visit, but even if there is a bit of wait (which I don’t think there ever is), it offers plenty of seating – and even some refreshments.

What is more, the actual arrivals lounge offers plenty of space and comfortable seating, and is staffed with friendly attendants.

Besides being offered tea or coffee right after sitting down, I also received a lot of assistance when I needed to print boarding pass for one of my upcoming flights and the printer in the lounge didn’t work.

So through this post, I’d also like to thank the lounge’s staff for helping me out!


Earl Grey tea.

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