Lounge Review: Sky Court Lounge at Budapest F. Liszt

Lounge Review: Sky Court Lounge at Budapest F. Liszt

The second lounge I visited at Budapest airport after the Menzies Lounge was Sky Court Lounge.

The Sky Court Lounge is located in the food court area one floor above the main departures level as well. In fact, it is located right next to the Menzies Lounge.

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Budapest Terminal

Entrance to the lounge is on the floor above the main departures level.

Besides being a Priority Pass lounge, it is also the lounge used by Finnair and other airlines, as well as some credit card companies.

Sky Court Lounge Entrance

Lounge entrance.

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Lounge Overview

The Sky Court Lounge consists of three main parts.

First, there is the area around reception. This area features a cloakroom, a magazine stand, some seating, as well as the buffet.

Entrance Area

Area right after reception.

Reception area.

Reading materials.

Then, there are two seating areas on each side of the first area.

The one on the left features sofa chairs – both individually and in groups. There are also some dining tables with a bench along the wall and some chairs. Finally, in one corner there is a counter with two computers.


Sofa chairs in the main seating area.

Dining setup in the main seating area.


The other, smaller, area features a couple of sofa chairs, as well as dining tables with benches and chairs.


Smaller seating area.

Tables in the smaller seating area.

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Food & Drinks Selection

The selection of drinks in the Sky Court Lounge includes sodas in large bottles, juices, and beer. There are also some spirits, wines, and the obligatory coffee and tea.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks.
Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks.

Coffee, milk and yoghurts.

Tea and apples.

As for food, no hot meals were available during my visit. However, there was a sign mentioning that during lunch, soup is offered. During breakfast time, the same area featured cereals.


Cereals in the morning, soup during lunchtime.

The selection of cold things was decent. It included, among other things, salami, ham and cheese cuts, sweet and salty pastry, cereals, and cakes.

Cold Cuts

Cold cuts.



More pastries.

Sweet pastries.


Sky Court Lounge Budapest Summary

The Sky Court Lounge at Budapest airport is quite spacey. However, during my visit around 10AM on a Friday, it was crowded and I had a hard time finding a space to sit.

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As for the drinks and food selection, it was decent. While there are no hot meals, there was plenty of cold snacks – more than enough for having a quick bite before a short intra-European flight.

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