Airport Hotel Review: Sudima Christchurch Airport

Airport Hotel Review: Sudima Christchurch Airport

Sudima Hotels & Resorts is a small but growing chain of hotels in New Zealand. Currently, four hotels operate under the brand with further three scheduled to open within the next year-and-a-half or so.

During my trip to New Zealand back in June, I stayed at Sudima Christchurch Airport for five nights. I booked the hotel through for a total of about 640 NZD (about 420 USD) for the stay.

Now let’s jump into the review.

Getting to the Hotel

Assuming you are starting at Christchurch airport, then getting to the hotel is extremely easy and you basically have two choices.

Sudima Christchurch Airport
Sudima Christchurch Airport.

Your first choice is to call the hotel from the airport’s free phone and ask them to send a shuttle for you. The shuttle runs on-demand 24 hours a day. The second choice is to simply walk from the airport since the hotel is only 600 or 700 meters away from the terminal.

Unless you have a lot of luggage or it’s raining or snowing, I recommend walking. Not only will you get to move your legs a bit after a flight, but it will also likely be faster considering that you have to call and wait for the shuttle.

Check-in, Lobby, Dining, and Other Facilities

When I arrived at the hotel, there was no one at the reception, and so I was checked in by the friendly staff within a couple of minutes. For the busier times, there are some sofa chairs available near the reception desk.

One thing that unpleasantly me a bit upon checking in was that free wi-fi access was restricted to only a couple of hours and one gigabyte of use a day with a full day access costing 10 NZD per day. Somehow, though, even though I used the paid access on some of the days the charges never appeared on my credit card.

Sudima Christchurch Airport Reception
Reception area.

Near the reception, there was Acheron Bar & Restaurant where one could grab drinks and food, and which also served the breakfast for those that opted to have it at the hotel.

Map of Antarctica
With Christchurch being the gateway to Antarctica, there was a map of it on the hotel’s wall.
Acheron Restaurant & Bar in Sudima Christchurch Airport
Acheron Restaurant & Bar
Seating in the Restaurant
Seating in the restaurant.
Sudima Christchurch Airport Breakfast Buffet
Breakfast buffet.

Personally, I just walked over to a shopping center located just across the street from the hotel which had a grocery store as well as a selection of restaurants including Mexican, McDonald’s, a burger joint, etc.

Spitfire Shopping Center Near Christchurch Airport
Spitfire shopping center.

The hotel also had a gym although I didn’t “have a chance” to visit it.

Guest Room

Sudima Christchurch Airport only has two floors and so is quite spread out. Even then, my room on the second floor of the hotel was just a short walk away from the reception – and even shorter walk away from the hotel’s side exit which was close to the shopping center I mentioned above.

Sudima Christchurch Airport Yard
The hotel’s yard.
Sudima Christchurch Airport Guest Room
Overview of the room.

To the right of the room’s entrance, there was the bathroom and to the left of it was a shelf with complimentary water, tea, and coffee. Along the same wall, there was a luggage rack, a work desk with a TV, and a small coffee table with a sofa chair.

Tea and Coffee
Tea and coffee.
Luggage Rack
Luggage rack.
Sofa Chair and Desk
Sofa chair and desk.

Across from the desk were the room’s two fairly comfortable queen sized beds separated by nightstands with reading lights and a phone. The room’s windows were overlooking the hotel’s parking lot and the International Antarctic Centre.

Sudima Christchurch Airport Beds
The two beds.
Nightstand and Bed
Nightstand and bed.

Finally, as for the bathroom, it was simple, combined with the toilet and included a fairly large bathtub.

Sudima Christchurch Airport Bathroom

Sudima Christchurch Airport Summary

Currently, there are two hotels located within walking distance of Christchurch airport – the Sudima reviewed above and Jucy Snooze Christchurch – a hostel which also offers private rooms.

While the Jucy Snooze is cheaper than the Sudima, the price of it’s private rooms is not that different. As such, I would recommend the Sudima which was quite comfortable. The big downside though is the (mostly) paid wi-fi – though if you are lucky as I was, you might not be charged for it.

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