Lounge Review: T.E.I. Lounge Terminal 1 at Tokyo Narita

Lounge Review: T.E.I. Lounge Terminal 1 at Tokyo Narita

After spending some time at the IASS Executive Lounge before my flight to Istanbul earlier this week, I visited T.E.I. Lounge – another credit card and Priority Pass lounge at Narita’s Terminal 1.

The lounge is located prior to security check, on the 5th floor of the central part of the terminal.

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Credit Card Members Lounge

The windows behind the pillar belong to the T.E.I. Lounge.

It is located just past the escalator that leads from the main departures floor to the 5th floor. On a pillar, there is a big sign pointing to credit card members lounges. The T.E.I. Lounge is the one right behind it.


Entrance to the lounge.

Access to the lounge.

Lounge Overview

After entering the lounge, there is the reception area. Besides the reception desk, there is also a cloakroom, a copy machine and a pair of computers.


Reception area.

Cloakroom and a copy machine.

Promotional pamphlets and newspapers.

Past the reception is a large room which makes up the rest of the lounge. There is the drink area in the corner right past the reception.

Drink Area

Drink corner.

There are also some reading materials – although all of them are in Japanese and most of them are promotional pamphlets. Finally, there are rows of lounging chairs arranged with tables and a couple of benches with coffee tables.


Overview of the lounge.

Rows of chairs arranged in pairs.

Some more chairs.

Seating area.

Benches and coffee tables.

There are no restrooms in the T.E.I. Lounge – instead the ones in the main terminal hall need to be used.

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Food & Drinks Selection

There is no food in the lounge except for onion soup which can be made out of the provided powder.

On the beverages side, alcoholic drinks need to be paid for. Soft drinks, however, are complimentary. The choice is fairly limited – only a handful of cold drinks types, coffee and tea are available.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks.

Soup and tea.

T.E.I. Lounge Terminal 1 Summary

The lounge’s very outdated interior combined with no food or snack offerings, and very little choice of drinks make the lounge not worth a visit almost under any circumstances.

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In fact, even if this was the only lounge I would have access to, I might still find it preferable to just clear the security and relax airside in the fairly nice gate area instead.

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